I had one of my most memorable fishing trips recently to an undisclosed lake in Alabama during late February. I followed Clayton Batts – Manager of Marketing and Pro staff for Big Bite Baits out of Eufaula, Alabama. We were issued a challenge to fish and to be filmed with only four rods all rigged with Big Bite Baits “New” Bio Bait. I personally had never used a Biodegradable product of any kind or brand until this trip. I was a little reluctant but always like a challenge. Most fresh water fishermen are under the same misconception that I was before this trip that Biodegradable products only apply in saltwater, well I’m here to say it works just as good if not better in fresh water. Let me just put this out their, I’m sure most of you have a can or bottle of some kind of spray or gel based stuff that smells like little Italy delivered lunch in your boat and they work but this “New” Big Bite Bio Bait is like fishing with a six year old on a case Mountain Dew!

I asked a number of questions to educate myself about Biodegradable products. The very first thing I found out was this “New” Big Bite Bio bait has the look and feel of conventional soft plastic, but is made of all natural ingredients and loaded with all naturally derived fish attractants. Secondly, I noticed as a fisherman that when you first hook the bait, it has a more durable texture or feel. With that being said, the very next thing was the fact we were able to catch multiple fish on the same bait without the bait easily tearing apart. I immediately noticed that the fish would actually hold on to the bait and would not spit the lure out like traditional soft plastic. This gives the novice or avid fisherman that extra time needed to set the hook. Most importantly we noticed that after fishing for two days with a variety of different colors, shapes or sizes the baits did not dry out and that we could reuse the same bait over and over again.

Just to give you some idea of the conditions: Day 1 – Air Temp: 7 am Low 36 High 60 degrees, Sunny – Water Temp 50 degrees – Wind – 5 to 10. Day 2 – Air Temp: 7 am – Low 33 – High 50 degrees – Raining early then Partly Cloudy – Water Temp 48 degrees – Wind 15 to 20. During this trip we were able to catch and release four fish over 7 lbs and three fish over 10lbs. These all were caught on a “New” Bio Swim Bait that will be revealed at ICAST in Las Vegas this July. If you get a chance check out the website: www.bigbitebaits.com for a complete list of available colors, sizes and most popular shapes. All I have to say about the “New” Big Bite: “Bio Bait – GET THE NET!

It’s Like Fishin’ with Dynamite,
Carl Carson
Santee Cooper, SC