Save yourself time, money, and hassle with the Pepper Custom Baits Commando Buzzbait. The Pepper Custom Commando Buzzbait includes a high-quality single blade buzzbait, matching ringed swimbait, Trokar Spring-Lock Hook, and a feathered #2 Gamakatsu treble hook The buzzbait itself is built to handle big fish and features a premium prop blade, durable silicone skirting, and beefy split rings. Fish the swimbait attached to Trokar Spring-Lock Hook for a weedless presentation that’s full of action. Or, rig it with the feathered Gamakatsu treble hook and no swimbait when you’re experiencing short bites from finicky bass. No matter how you decide to fish it, the Pepper Custom Baits Commando Buzzbait provides quality components that will put bass in the boat in any conditions.