St. Clair Preview

St. Clair and the Detroit River can cough up some huge smallies but it can be pretty unforgiving too. Hopefully the stars align for this Bass Open. JT Kenney checks in.

FLW Tour Kentucky Lake Preview

FLW Tour pro JT Kenney is headed to Kentucky Lake for the last tour stop. Kenney is hoping to lock down his spot in the Forest Wood Cup.

Kenney’s Pre Rayburn Report

Next up for Toray/Gambler pro JT Kenney is Lake Sam Rayburn in East Texas, Kenny breaks down the equipment and lures he thinks will be key. Of course that “all may change by the time the tournament starts”. . Keep up with JT on Facebook and visit his...

What’s Your Favorite Thing

Power Pole is number one when it comes to shallow water anchors. FLW Tour pros JT Kenney and Luke Clausen discuss their favorite features and how they use them. Power Pole

Kenney Pre Hartwell

We will be following JT Kenney through out the FLW Tour Lake Hartwell Tournament.

Kenney’s Punch Set Up

Flipping or punching vegetation can be daunting task for many anglers especially in lakes where to the untrained eye all the vegetation looks the same. FLW Straight Talk pro JT Kenney sheds some light on this topic and offers a few tips and tricks that hopefully help...