Before heavy rains set in, the James was producing excellent catches of Blue Catfish. Both sizes and numbers were being had. Fresh cut Shad is hard to beat. Look for the Shad close to the warm water discharges like Dutch Gap. These areas are also good for the Blues.

The many pits are excellent for Bass fishing all winter long, and the the water in these pits is usually cleaner. Ramp conditions may not be favorable this weekend, so be aware.

The upper James is high and muddy, so it is likely to be unfishable.

The Chickahominy should be a good option this weekend, both the river and lake. Strong catches have been coming from both of these places. Reports of the Yellow Perch have been slow also, but the approaching new moon should ignite things. However, high water levels should be considered. Many of the lakes will remain clear, so these should be great options.

Weights were down at Anna this past weekend, as 10.95 lbs won the Winter Bass Series out of Sturgeon Creek Marina. The areas above the splits have been better for the Stripers. Mid to down lake has been better for the Bass. Crappie fishing seems to be good all over, as the upper lake has been clear so far, but again, this could change after all the rain. 

Salt Water

The Tilefish bite is excellent at the Norfolk Canyon. Both Blueline and Golden Tiles are biting, with sizable averages. However, the Dogfish are extremely plentiful. Ocean wrecks are yielding quality sized Tautogs, with citation sized fish being  common.

Boats that have ventured out of Oregon Inlet this week have returned with Yellowfin Tuna and reports of hooked up Bluefin Tuna. Closer to home, reports are slow from those targeting Speckled Trout. These fish are available, but the dedicated anglers chasing them are tight lipped. Their has been some whisperings of Trout inside the James River…

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