The Potomac River showed just how good it is as the 3rd stop of the Potomac River Battle helped prove on 5/21/17. 61 boats showed up on Sunday morning and at the end of the day 47 of them weighed in a five fish limit. 266 fish were weighed in for a total weight of 862.54 pounds. That’s a 3.24lb average to say the river is hot is an understatement.
Here are the rersults:

1st Edwin Jackson / Chris Jackson 22.66lbs $1200.00

2nd Brandon Garraway / Jason Swidrak 22.28lbs $800.00

3rd Terry Stevens / Todd Langford 20.22lbs $600.00

4th Matt Conners / Victor Dillard 18.63 lbs $500.00

5th Vince Morris / Jim Sutton 18.16lbs $400.00

6th Eric Hovey / Robbie Henderson 18.03lbs $320.00

7th Ed Riley / Justin Riley 18.00lbs $240.00

8th Shawn Phipps / Jeff Miterko 17.32 lbs $200.00

9th Rich Newton / Randy Walsh 17.28lbs $180.00

10th Bobby Fincham / Doug Grubbs 17.07lbs $140.00

11th  Gary Marean / Darrin Wells 17.06lbs $120.00

12th Andrew Green / Sam Schmidt 16.82lbs $100.00

13th James Donegan / Mickey Pettry 16.75 lbs $80.00

Big Fish 6.11lbs Brett Page / Mike Page $610.00

Big Snakehead Marvin Reese / Andre Wynn $220.00

Angler Quotes:
Ed Riley:
Great time guys ,good job on the Tx, I especially like the fish care, you guys set the standards that all Potomac Tournaments should follow !
Tom Bateman:
I have to admit I am glad to see the staff that helps enjoys this tournament as much as the anglers my hat is off to them !