By now you have probably heard Mike McClelland won the Table Rock Elite Series . Here are a few quotes from Championship Sunday you may not have heard.

Mark Zona (McClelland told Zona): “Keep yourself around largemouth.” Sounds like good advise.

Kevin Hawk (about the week): “They changed every day.”

Brandon Palaniuk (he caught his last fish at 2:38) “I figured out one deal in the afternoon.” BP figured out the right afternoon deal, he just ran out of time. He had big fish today it was 5-3.

Greg Hackney (on his pattern) “I Cranked for miles this week.”  Greg was trowing a Strike King 1.5 Flat and a regular 1.5.

Jeff Kriet (fishing deep trees) ” I threw to a lot of trees. I had about 8 to 10 I caught them in.” Squirrels and trees are a good combination.

Mark Davis: “I never could connect with the one I really needed. You can’t stumble against these guys.” Davis is a class act and also the 1995 Bassmaster Classic Champ.

Kevin VanDam: “It’s a awesome lake.” That’s coming from a awesome fisherman.

Aaron Martens: “I caught them doing everything, this is a awesome lake. I did all I could do.”

The Champion (Mike McClelland): “The good lord knows what’s going to happen. When it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. This is where I cut my teeth.” On his way in way in McClelland threw a blade off of his prop and had to run 9 miles at 58 mph. Had he come off plane to check the problem he may have not made it back on time.

Congratulations Mike from all of us here at Bass East. This tournament saw all types of conditions and proved why these guys really are Elite.


 “3 days at the Rock are in the books. Here are a few of the top quotes from the day 3 weigh in.

Mark Zona (on Mark Davis): “Mark Davis is the Joe Namath/Payton Manning of Bass Fishing.”

Greg Hackney (on water clarity) ‘You can see the bottom in 15 feet.” Now that’s clear.

Mark Davis (on his 11-3 today): “I never got them weeded out today,  never got a big bite. There is a bunch of big uns out there to be had.” Davis caught 50 bass today.

Ott DeFoe (Davis weighed in 11-4 and told DeFoe he had a bad day): “You ain’t seen nothin yet.” DeFoe weighed in 2 fish for 4lbs today.

Brandon Palaniuk (last cast) “I caught my last fish at 2:38 with a 3:00 weigh in time.” Remember this the next time you feel like weighing in early.

Skeet Reese It’s a game of ounces.”

Kevin VanDam : KVD weighed in 19.7 lbs and moved to 3rd place…enough said.

Gerald Swindle: (how does he come up with this stuff) “That’s some bruisers ain’t it fellas, four of them that weighed 7-9 that’s what we call line burners. I started trying to do that Mike McClelland  jerkin a Perfect 10 jerkbait down there in about 688 foot of water and let it sit in a tree and eat a sandwich. Every now and then I’d get one on and they’d get me tangled up in a tree. There is $3000 worth of perfect 10’s in Long Creek so when the water gets down ya’ll can pick them up and have some fun.”


Here are a few quotes from the day two weigh in at Table Rock.

Dave Mercer: “The most important tool this week is the culling device.” It may come down to ounces.

Terry Scrogins (just missed the cut): “I think I am going to be able to fire up the grill and work that cooking blog tomorrow.” What time are we eating Terry?

Cliff Crochet (on swimming): “You can use Power-Poles as a ladder.” He feel in while retrieving a crankbait.

Chris Lane: “This is a big step for me.” He made his first check on a Ozark Lake.

Gerald Swindle : (on the cold) “Key to success today was my Carhartt long johns with out them I would have froze my beans & franks off and come in early. The older I get the less I like the cold. It’s hard to wind a plug, jerk a jerkbait and wipe snot at the same time.” G-Man is fishing on day 3.



If you didn’t see the Bassmaster Elite Series weigh in from Table Rock today, weather and the 11 lb club were the top conversations heard around the stage. Here are a few of the top quotes from round one.

Dave Mercer (day 1 tag line) “Just needed that big one.”

Matt Herren (on the weather) : “I got rained on, hailed on and lightninged on.  I’m not very brave. The hail stones were the size of golf balls.”

Mark Davis (on the bite): “Once they see your bug they don’t like to come back and bite it.”

Jeff Kriet : “Caught the old hat trick to day.” (Largemouth, Spot & Smallmouth)

Britt Myers (on the fish):  “A 15 inch fish is hard to find.”

Randy Howell (on the fish) ” I sore mouthed all the little ones in that creek today, maybe the big ones will bite tomorrow.”

Aaron Martens (on his big fish) ” I didn’t think it was that big”

Joe Sancho (on the weather and his bald head): “The storm was rolling in and a wood pecker is pecking on my top head, it was hail and I don’t have any cushion up there. That stuff hurts!”

Kurt Dove (after the storm): “We came around the corner after the storm and there was wood everywhere and trees were smouldering.” The effects of a lightning strike.

Brett Hite (about the fish): “There is a problem with these fish, their tails are too close to their mouths.”

Chris Lane (on Ozark Lakes): “I have never made a check on these Ozark Lakes.” (He is in 3rd place after day 1)

BJ Haseotes (on the wind): “It was so bad today it blew off my Toupee'” He is bald.

Gerald Swindle (you know this one is funny): “Sunny, slick, cloudy, rainy, lightnin, thunder, hail… perfect day for fishing. I wanna  do it again. I ran and took cover, I know some of these guys fish in this stuff I said I told too many lies as a kid I’m not fishing in this lightning I don’t care how bad it is. There is some dude down there, I came into his dock a little hot and I wanna apologize I was looking for some cover and the guy says what if he comes and throws ya out? I said he better have a pocket knife and be ready to fight cause I ain’t leavin til the lightnin is gone.”

Aaron Martens leads after day 1, lots of guys are in that 10 to 12lb range. A couple of big bites tomorrow will change things up in a big way.