Come February 2010 Mark Menendez will be ‘Fully Charged and Stay-N-Charged’, with all the right ‘Power Tackle’ as he competes in the 40th B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Classic, on Alabama’s Lay Lake! At stake for this forty-five year old Pro Angler……….. The coveted Bassmaster Classic Championship Crown!

After just missing out on qualifying for the 2009 Classic on Louisiana’s Red River last year, this ‘Kentucky Gentleman’ has been a continued threat to win every event he has entered in 2009!

Landing his third B.A.S.S. victory on Arkansas’s Lake Dardanelle in March of 2009, and following that up with his 2nd Place finish in April on Alabama’s Lake Wheeler Mark Menendez’s 2009 Bassmaster Elite Series performance qualified him for his fifth trip to the prestigious Bassmaster Classic.

“There’s no doubt my Stay-N-Charge system will be assisting me throughout the Bassmaster Classic, just as it has during the entire 2009 B.A.S.S. Elite Series!” insists Mark Menendez. Listening to Menendez elaborate further as to his Bassmaster Classic preparation and strategy for Alabama’s Lay Lake, it was obvious this Skeeter/Yamaha Pro was operating at peak performance!

“The last thing any angler wants is equipment or mechanical problems, especially during the World Championship,” says Menendez. Throughout the 2009 Elite Series season Mark Menendez’s methodical pre-tournament preparation allowed the likeable Paducah, Kentucky Pro to stay one step ahead of his fellow competitors.
Rick Clunn more than any other angler in the history of professional bass competition highlighted the importance of mental preparation. Mark Menendez has taken his advice to heart……… the heart of his equipments power source that is!

“My 4 Opitma Blue Top Batteries are the power source for smooth continued mechanical performance.  They are the heartbeat of every mechanical electrical component wired within my new 2010 Skeeter XS 20, as well as my new 2010 Yamaha 250 V Max 4-Stroke SHO.”

Pausing for a moment Menendez continued, ”Which by the way is the most “Completely Green” environmentally friendly advanced 4-Stroke outboard power house on the planet!” Menendez elaborated further, “I’m a strong advocate in preserving our environment, the Stay-N-Charge system allowed me to be ‘Totally Green’ while charging my batteries on or off the water! Towing over the road the alternator on my truck brought all my batteries to full capacity usually in 30 minutes…………….This ‘Confidence’ Alone……. has become my angling edge!”

How an angler avoids or handles these situations mentally depends upon the individual angler! For Mark Menendez the word is ‘Confidence’! “Confidence is imperative to success! Which in turn allowed me the ability to fish longer and harder, knowing that at ‘ALL TIMES’ my batteries were at peak power or a mere 10 minute ride on the water and they were at peak power and fully charged!

According to Menendez, Lay Lake’s population of bass includes both spotted bass with a strong population of Florida-strain largemouth’s. “There is an enormous amount of water with plenty of backwater habitat, in my opinion these largemouth’s will play into the Classic Champions game plan!”

Menendez’s strategy, “Lay Lake is actually part of the Coosa River system, which in turn means that moving water couple with weather conditions, centered around springtime transitional movements can and will play a major part in the February Classic!”

When asked what techniques his game plan called for Menendez replied, “Just log unto and start adding every Strike King bait you find to your basket!” Adding quickly, “Seriously, it will depend on the prevailing conditions. However, I guarantee you I will be covering water with a wide variety of Strike King Pro Model Series #4-5-6 Crankbaits, while the water clarity will dictate my color choices!”

Having an insider’s edge I looked Strike King Pro Mark Menendez straight in his eyes, “Mark I know for a fact that you have been activity involved with Strike King and their Swimbaits! So, will a Strike Bait Swimbait play a major roll in your arsenal?”

Looking right back at me with a bass eating grin, “Billy, if these Lay Lake bass eat my Sexy Swimmer, I’ll be feeding them it all-day-long-all three-days!” Then with a slight pause Menendez responded, “I can tell you for certain the following Strike King Baits, will be tied to Berkley line, spooled on Pflueger Reels and saddled to all Power Tackle Rods!”

B.A.S.S. Classic Qualifier Mark Menendez’s arsenal will include the following combinations. Reactions bites will be enticed with his Strike King Pro Series Model crankbaits, and Bottom Dweller Spinnerbaits, balanced with Pflueger 5.2:1 Trion Reels on Power Tackle’s handcrafted Paragon Series Crankbait and Spinnerbait Rods.
When Menendez slows down to concentrate in specific areas holding largemouth’s, he’ll have his Power Tackle ‘NO RATZ’ Series pitching and flipping Rods, saddled with Pflueger Reels, all pre-tied with Strike King Baby Rage Craws and Smok’in Roosters.

“These tackle combinations paired with all of my mechanical equipment have assisted me in collecting over $200,000.00 in 2009,” says Menendez. “Thus, establishing an enormous amount of confidence in all of my sponsors products, which in turn has played a major role in attributing to my success!”

Ending Mark Menendez looked me straight in the eyes once again, “I have one more additional Natural ingredient that I truly believe is going to harvest me that ‘Extra Classic Edge’, imperative to securing the top prize at the end of the tournament …BioEdge Fish Attractant!”

With a degree in Fishery Biology and a container of BioEdge Fish attractant in his hand, it was easy to believe Menendez’s Classic Strategy for Lay Lake was as strong as the adhesion holding power of his all natural forage scent, fishing attracting BioEdge formula!

Follow Mark Menendez and all of the 2010 Bassmaster Classic Contenders February 19-21 on Alabama’s Lay Lake, by logging unto for daily updates during the 40th B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Classic.

God Bless and Best Bass’n