So just what do Professional Bass Anglers such as Mike Iaconelli, Pete Gluszek, Dave Wolak, Ish Monroe, Gerald Swindle, Brent Ehrler and Michael Bennett (Just to name a few!!!) all have in common? “It’s simple!” laughed New Jersey’s Pete Gluszek. Adding, “Everyone of these Bassmaster Elite and FLW Top-Professional Touring Anglers will be joining Mike Iaconelli and I as we travel across the United States hosting ‘The Bass University’!” ( )

For years groups have tried to come up with a weekend seminar series re-placement for the former Bass Fishing Techniques, then name changed to Bassmaster University when acquired by B.A.S.S.. Originally founded by Mr. Gary White, now a member of the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, nothing has compared to White’s dedicated interest for increasing an angler’s educational growth in the sport of Bass Fishing both on and off the water!

Gluszek is quick to acknowledge, “No doubt, Gary White is indeed the foundational corner stone to the formation of the weekend Bass-Fishing seminar programs!” Both Pete Gluszek and Mike Iaconelli are former B.A.S.S. Bassmaster University seminar Instructors. And, ‘Ike’ attended the Bass Fishing Technique seminars as a student during his New Jersey B.A.S.S. Federations days!!!

“Mike and I have been evaluating the content of seminar programs across the country, while also listening to the feedback we have received from angling students that have attended these programs,” says Gluszek. “The feedback we are receiving is that a majority of these students are ready for an advanced class! They want to know every minute detail to what we do, when we make changes in locations or baits, and why we make these decisions that leads to our success.”

Listening to Pete Gluszek’s enthusiasm, I felt as though we were actually on the water in search of our favor quarry…The Black Bass! Opening a compartment on his NASCAR Ranger bass boat Gluszek pulled a crankbait out of a plastic plano box. Handing it to me he asked me to examine it closely then explain how and where I would fish it. Answering my mentor with what I thought was a decent response I replied, “First I’d tie a snap on my line then attach the crankbait to it. (I said this because I knew Gluszek utilizes a snap!!!) Since the bill shape and length dictate it is most likely a medium diver, 8-12′, I would throw it in water of this depth on a medium action crankbait rod!”

With a bass-eating grin on his face Gluszek asked, “Is that all?” “No, I would vary my retrieve speed in an effort to learn just how the bass wanted my presentation!” Retrieving his crankbait from my hand, Gluszek held it by his fingertips, and responded, “Those are all correct answers, and in most cases exactly what I would expect from the majority of bass anglers.”

Pausing for a moment he looked me in the eyes and asked, “Would you throw this into submerged trees or down timber?” Quickly I flipped Gluszek my answer, “Most likely not…. unless I wanted to lose it, as it does have two sets of treble hooks!”

“Well, at ‘The Bass University’ seminars I will take students into those downed trees and submerged timber with crankbaits, explain to them how to make the correct modifications to their tackle to work this technique, when it works best, and most importantly the proper way to retrieve a crankbait through a forest of hang-ups to reach the bass they have been missing for years!”

As Pete Gluszek, continued to enlighten me as to their class format and all the extras attending students would be receiving, it was indeed obvious both he and Mike Iaconelli had left no stones unturned in their quest to bring America’s Bass Anglers the most comprehensive detailed, organized seminar program possible! Here are just some of what attending bass students will receive;

  • Complete Course Outline for easy reference to Topics
  • FREE Tackle Gift Package
  • FREE One-Year subscription to Bassin Magazine
  • FREE ‘The Bass University’ T-Shirt
  • 2 Days of Intensive ‘Bass Classroom’ Instructions and Education
  • One-One Instruction from ‘Today’s’ Best Bass Pro Anglers

“Mike and I have recruited the most consistent and respected Professional Bass Anglers available, arranging for their appearances at ‘The Bass University’ locations where they have been most successful,” suggest Gluszek.

For example, Pete Gluszek has won more Tidal Water tournaments, than most Pro Anglers, not to mention he is a Licensed Guide on areas such as the Chesapeake Bay Region, so you can expect to have Ranger/Evinrude’s Pete Gluszek talking changing tides and catching bass at the December 5th Philadelphia, PA location. And, lets not forget Gluszek, is also a Lake Champlain and Lake Erie money winner, having qualified for the most prestigious Bass Trails in America……The Bassmaster Elite Series and the FLW Tour Series!!! (

The following is a list of the four locations across the United States to host Gluszek’s and Iaconelli’s ‘The Bass University’ 2-Day seminar programs;

  • Philadelphia, Area. December 5th-6th 2009, with scheduled Professional Bass Instructors Gerald Swindle, Mike Iaconelli, Dave Wolak, Dave Mansue, and Pete Gluszek already confirmed.
  • Sacramento, CA. January 9th-10th 2010, with scheduled Professional Bass Instructors Ish Monroe, Mike Bennett, Mike Iaconelli confirmed. Additional instructors to be confirmed shortly.
  • Nashville, TN January 23rd-24th 2010, with scheduled Professional Bass Instructors Gerald Swindle, John Crews, Randy Howell, Dave Wolak, Pete Gluszek confirmed. Additional instructors to be confirmed shortly.
  • Dallas, TX. February 6th-7th, 2010, with scheduled Professional Bass Instructors Ish Monroe, Byron Velvick, Mike Iaconelli confirmed. Additional instructors to be confirmed shortly.

Registration is a breeze, advises Gluszek. “Interested individuals may call 1.856.521.0046, visit our web site at or drop us an email at”

Taking their ‘The Bass University’ program to another level, Gluszek and Iaconelli are offering large discounts to members of The Bass Federation (TBF/FLW), The Federation Nation (B.AS.S.), while Youth Anglers 16 years old and younger also receive large discounts.

“One other item that will certainly add to the program will be our Tackle section of vendors. We have contacted only the very best in the industry, offering them ‘Free’ vendor space, which in turn will allow them to offer ‘The Bass University’ students discounts only available at our seminar locations!”

As I sat in Gluszek’s Ranger bass boat, I felt as though I was actually in ‘The Bass University’ classroom! Expressing my excitement to Pete Gluszek he responded, “This is exactly the feeling we want every student attending to walk away with! Our Professional Bass Instructors will be utilizing a variety of teaching aids to enhance their presentations, from highly technical power point and video presentations right down to hands-on presentations!”

So if you want to sit in the boat with America’s Top Professional Bass Anglers, learn their winning techniques, my advise is to call today and reserve your seat ASAP, as seats are limited and this is one time you don’t want to be fishing from the shore!!!

See you in the classroom at “The Bass University”.

God Bless and Best Bass’n