By Billy “Hawkeye” Decoteau

TheFish-GripWhile, on a charter Redfish and Speckle Trout trip in Venice, LA, Captain “Bay Boat Steve”, introduced to one of the most innovative easies to maneuver lightweight Fish Lip Grip Tools on the market………………”The Fish Grip”!

Manufactured by Norton Brass Rattler Products, a Division of United Plastic Molders, Inc, located in Jackson, MS, ‘The Fish Grip’ not only is the lightest at only 5 oz, it is the fastest locking, strongest holding fish lip grip I have ever experience utilizing! It is also the least expensive highly functional must have fishing tool you will ever purchase.

According to Johnny King of Norton Rattler Products, an expert angler developed ‘The Fish Grip’ for anglers and guides alike. “You have our assurance that ‘The Fish Grip’ is a quality product to successfully land a fish with less chance of injury to either the fisherman or the fish!”

Made of durable plastic and stainless steel, the flat surface on the jaws of ‘The Fish Grip’ helps to prevent puncturing the thin tissue in the mouth of fish. Allowing the lip bone of the fish to roll on either side securing your catch. For Catch and Release anglers, a quick flip on the locked handles releases your uninjured fish back into the water.

Floatable and available in five highly visible colors for day or night fishing, ‘The Fish Grip’ comes with a stretchable wrist lanyard. In addition ‘The Fish Grip’ also has a weight scale slot on the handle allowing anglers to safely control their fish while weighing.

For additional information on ‘The Fish Grip’ along with other quality Norton Brass Rattler Products, log unto or give them a call @ 1.800.890.5113.