With Billy “Hawkeye” Decoteau

After the spawn bass have the tendency to spread out across shallow grassy flats especially on southern impoundments like Toho, Kissimmee and Okeechobee. This is when Floridian Professional Bass Angler Terry Scroggins picks up a buzzbait! However, this Bassmaster Classic Contender modifies his 3/8 oz BOOYAH buzzbait before he even makes his first cast.

“This technique is one that I have been utilizing for many years, and although I am a bit reluctant to reveal it I’m going to do it any ways. Because it’s just so much fun and really does catch some monster bass,” claims Scroggins. For many years Terry Scroggins has been modifying his 3/8 oz BOOYAH buzzbaits by removing the rubber core from a twist type lead sinker and crimping it unto his buzzbait right behind the skirt. Terry also suggest anglers give Lunker City Belly Weights a try, as these weights come in many sizes, and changing weight size is a snap with the newly improved Lunker City Belly Weight system.

Scroggins says the additional weight, usually a ¼ oz increases his casting distance, while the more supple and less memory of his 20 lb test Gamma Copolymer Line ties everything together perfectly.

Scroggins Retrieve: “This technique actually works during the spawn and the post spawn periods, but it’s imperative that anglers stay alert because these bass will come from the smallest openings destroying your buzzbait with explosive top water action. Keep your line tight and be prepared for a bite at any moment. If the bass buries himself into the thick vegetation you will in most cases lose him. Scroggins says. “Keep them up on top of the grass and reel them in!!!:”
Scroggins Arsenal:

    • Castaway 7’ Fast Baitcasting Rod
    • Team Daiwa High speed reel 6.3 to 1 gear ratio. (Terry claims, “You want to get the bass out of the heavy vegetation as fast as possible, this reel has the power to haul them out, just like my Toyota Tundra!)
    • Gamma High Performance Copolymer 20lb test, ultra clear line. “Gamma is the best copolymer line I have ever used period!!!!” www.gammafishing.com
    • BOOYAH Buzzbait 3/8 oz. color white for bright days and black for overcast days. “I like to keep it simple,” suggest Scroggins
    • Lunker City Belly Weights www.LunkerCity.com