Jeff Clough Optimum Baits Pro Staffer and Cali Big Basser tries every Swimbait in his box this day. Were the conditions changed because of Blue-stoning (a practice of treating lake grass) the lake? After a rough morning with little action, he changes to Top water bait[slitherK/deps]..


・Lake Skinner/Riverside/California

・Papa Boom Boom 8″[Optimum Baits]
・Baby Boom Boom 4.5″[Optimum Baits]
・Balam 245[Madness]
・Sakamata Shad 7″HW[deps]
・Slide Swimmer 175[deps]
・Little Stik[ima]

・Jeff Clough/@topwateraddix[instagram]

・Optimum Baits/[HP]/@optimum_baits[instagram]