Chris and Tyler Ream of Tylure Swimbaits show off their line of hard baits which are all available at www.hookeduptackle.com. Tylure offers some of the most unique hand made baits on the market including a “Baby Bird”, 6 & 8 Inch Kicker Trouts, 4 & 6 inch Kicker shads, Kicker Sunfish, Walking Trout, and the Buoy Rat.

Wiley X

New to the fishing industry, Wiley X features some impressive Eyewear for the casual and serious fisherman. Featuring a nearly indestructible polarized lens, these glasses are tough enough for the United States Military. They provide some serious eye protection from flying sinkers, jigs, and other eye damaging objects.

Honorable Mentions

Some manufacturers were unable to attend the Bass A Thon to display their new products for 2009. So here is a bonus peek at some additional goodies!














New for 2009 are some exciting baits from Baitsmith. Making a lot of noise on the big bait scene is the new 9.5” Magnum Trout that is sure to draw some BIG bites. The 5” Baitsmith Shad features some incredible detail and swimming action. These baits should be available the early part of December at www.hookeduptackle.com.


Nate’s Baits

At just over 10 inches in length, the new Nate’s Baits Shorty represents and underutilized forage bass for large bass…small bass! This floating bait swims at the slowest of speeds and with the high level of detail, those big cannibals will have a hard time resisting such an easy meal. Stop fishing for bass this size and step up to the girls that eat them for lunch.

At a full 14 inches in length, the Nate’s Bait El Grande truly is the BIG one. Filling a void for a hard bait over 12 inches, this highly detailed trophy calling swimbait is sure to cause a ruckus when it hits the water and when it gets eaten.


With these new weapons of bass destruction now available to bass anglers, 2009 should prove to be a great year for all of us. Grab the latest and greatest and get on the water, these fish don’t stand a chance!