Long before Chris Baumgardner towed his way to five FLW Championships and four Bassmaster Classics, he hauled himself to work as a construction worker in charge of burying TV and telephone lines beneath the earth surrounding Charlotte, NC.

Construction work ended 12 years ago for Baumgardner, and he’s been working full-time at his dream job ever since.  The job is going well.  He’s won somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-million dollars as a pro angler, and his decision to purchase a Toyota Tundra has added to his prosperity in recent months.  Over the course of the 18,000 miles he’s owned his Tundra, Baumgardner has won $11,000 dollars as part of the Toyota Trucks Bonus Bucks progra

“There’s a lot to love about this truck including towing power, dependability and great looks, but on top of those features, Bonus Bucks kind of makes buying a Tundra a no-brainer if you’re a tournament angler,” said Baumgardner, who has won tournaments at Lake Guntersville and the Potomac River, but picks Lake Champlain as his favorite place to fish.

“Toyota is backing up their support of bass fishing with real money that they’re putting in the pockets of anglers who buy their vehicles and sign-up for Bonus Bucks.  In my opinion, we should support those who are willing to promote the sport that we love so much,” says the Gastonia, NC resident.

Bonus Bucks is simple.  Drive a 2007 or newer Tundra, Sequoia, 4Runner or Tacoma, send in your registration form like Baumgardner did, become the highest finishing eligible participant among the top 50-percent of the angling field in your sanctioned FLW or BASS affiliated tournament – and you win the Bonus Bucks.  To find out more, and to make sure you’re signed-up visit www.ToyotaTrucksBonusBucks.com or call Kendell at (918) 742-6424.