The Angler’s Marine Bass A Thon held annually in southern California has been the premier showcase for new and exciting bass fishing specific products for a long time. Many of these items are small scale operations that often take a long time to make it out east. In an effort to share these fishing gems with our friends across the country, spent two days speaking with numerous vendors and checking out the latest and greatest that the tackle industry has to offer. Almost all these items are, or will be available shortly at Enjoy the ride!

Bass Star Bait Company










Joe Uribe Sr. shows off his masterpiece, the Bass Star Proprunner. This large, walk the dog style bait will be available with and without the attention grabbing prop. Available in an all white and rainbow trout finish, this bait has accounted for some very nice bass on the left coast.











Bruce Porter is still hard at work to bring some new twists to the worlds most effective and popular soft boot tail swimbaits, the Basstrix. Don’t be fooled by lesser quality imitations, as none of the knock offs feature the fine detail and quality that Basstrix baits have provided fisherman for more than a decade. New for 2008 is one of the nation’s hottest color schemes; “sexy shad” or simply called “chartreuse shad” by Basstrix. This versatile color combined with the original Basstrix will prove to be a deadly combination.

Black Dog Bait Company









New for the 2009 season from Black Dog Bait company is a new hard synthetic version of the super popular Lunker Punker. Available in three sizes; 6”, 8” and a new 10”, this new twist on the wooden Punkers feature models with and without rattles. If there was one thing that the original wooden Lunker Punkers lacked, many would state durability. The new synthetic Punkers will take a heavy beating by largemouth, smallmouth, stripers, pike, muskie and anything with enough gusto to try and devour the new and improved Lunker Punker.

New colors are also available for the wooden 6 and 8 inch Lunker Punkers. Here is Tim Eaves of and Mark Chuckren holding the new White and Bluegill patterns.