SML Tuesday Night Tournament Results July 22nd

With weights slightly dropping at other tournaments all across the lake the tuesday night tournaments out of Harrisons seems to still be bringing in heavy sacks with big bass. Most of the 8 hour tournaments on saturday nights are being won with the same wieghts the tuesday nighters are but there is one main difference. The tuesday nighters are just 4 hours long! This tuesday night which makes the 12th one of the season was no exception! These guys and girls are really fishing hard to put together the biggest limit they can in 4 hours and they are doing it very well every time. These are the results from the past tuesday nighter on July 22nd 2008. Along with the point standings so far in 2008. Remember the point standings are based on the best 13 finishes each team has in a year. So after next week the standings will most likely change and the points race will become very interesting.

July 22nd 2008 (12th tournament of season) 35 boat field
1. Harry/Derrick 15.40
2. Nichols/Hutton 14.10
3.Eubank/Belcher 13.25
4.Bennett/Creasy 13.20
The big fish was awarded to team Harry/Derrrick with a 6.20 LB SMALLMOUTH!!!!!!

Points standings as of July 22nd 2008
1.Belcher/Eubank 1074
2.Nicholas/Hutton 1000
3.Wilson/Gaylord 966
4.Mayhew/Mitchell 948
5.Brooks/Blankenship 936
6.Tilley/Martin 902
7.Al/Dante 820
8.James/Gary Jr. 812
9.Anderson/Anderson 730
10. Johnson/Sink 478