…have hit mainstream angling but did ya know there has been a dynamite hook lurking for years among our tournament pros and not much has been said about it? When Xpoint Hooks first appeared on the market the number one statement was “wow great hook but they cost a lot”. It was so true that Ron and TJ Stallings of Blakemore Products allowed the statement to be used in their advertisements. The hook technology literally trumped the competition. Today the technology is still amazing.  Daiichi, one of the brands to put chemical sharpening on the map helped introduce the Xpoint, a four edged hook or the first quad- point edge made. The hook had and actually may still possess the highest carbon content in the industry, rated at 110. Most high-end carbon hooks rate about 60, with the best being 80 (and are usually thick). Xpoint boasts a thinner stronger hook. Quality hooks must be strong but strength is not the only consideration. The thicker a hook becomes, the more blunt the point and the worse the penetration. Prior to 2000, a medical company that consistently tested the penetration of medical needles evaluated the Xpoint and other hook brands. The outcome showed the Xpoint utilized the least amount of grams of pressure to penetrate, actually penetrating 7 times faster than the nearest competitor. Laymen tests, although crude shelled out comparative results. From nail scratching, to penetrating through metal surfaces, Xpoint was mind blowing. BassEast.com tested Xpoint’s # 4 and 3/0 LT (light version). What we found was when using high quality braids and fluorocarbon (recently Toray Superfinesse Braid and Superfinesse fluoro) hook penetration was beyond excellent. The tiny (and we mean tiny) # 4 hook was amazingly strong for its size. We caught fish in the 4 lb and up range. The little XGAP # 4 is unique, unlike most finesse drop shot hooks; this little guy is off set so you can actually drop shot tiny worms weedless!!! The XGAP 3/0 was just as impressive- able to man handle multitudes of fish (same hook) without fail. We didn’t test the heavy version but only can imagine the results. What we can tell you is this hook is still available and now no longer considered the most expensive but still one of the absolute best hooks out there. We believe we may have found a bargain for 2010. See you at ICAST. For more on Xpoint hooks or Blakemore Products go to www.Daiichihooks.com or www.blakemorelure.com