BioEdge Fishing Products has one of the most effective and widest ranges of bait scents on the market. These all-natural extracts from real bait are proving again and again that any lure coated in BioEdge triggers more strikes, harder strikes and more hook-ups. Even on cut or live bait, BioEdge often increases catches four to six times! With each scent being available in both a liquid POTION form or a long lasting solid WAND form, any lure, even metal, can be super-charged with a powerful scent to make it smell and taste like the bait it is intended to mimic.
Just when you thought they could not get much better BioEdge is announcing it is releasing 8 great new BioEdge scents.
Two long anticipated scents for saltwater, Sandeel and Flounder will be very popular on both east and west coasts. Sandeel or lance forms a corner stone of the marine food web and is expected to jump to the top of BioEdge’s saltwater sales charts. Flounder will be hugely popular with Striper anglers and for marinating fluke bellies and imitations.
Six new freshwater scents, Gobie, Leech, Shad, Sucker, Sunfish and Trout, will almost double the number of freshwater scents produced from the BioEdge labs! Gobies are one of the top forage of bass, walleye, trout and salmon in the Great Lakes and surrounding northern waters. The same is true for Leeches and Suckers. Nearly every body of water containing Bass also supports a population of Sunfish and Shad species which forms a big part of their diet. Trout are a favorite quarry of big bass, kokanee and salmon as well as pike and muskie.
Like many scents in the BioEdge range some of these new bait scents will not be found anywhere but from BioEdge! With a huge array of beautifully crafted lures on the market mimicking the shape, color permutations and movement of all of these great bait species it certainly makes sense to ensure that the lure also smells and tastes like the real thing too!
As with all BioEdge scents each of these is available in both liquid Potion and solid Wand form, and prices are the same as for all other BioEdge scents.
Elite Bass Pro James Niggemeyer sais, “BioEdge already produces the most innovative scents and applicators in the fishing industry. Recently they have added several new scents to the line up and some of which I am most excited about are Shad, Sunfish and Gobie. Sunfish and Shad are perfect for this summer and fall,
as well as Gobie for all the smallmouth enthusiasts.”
For more information, pictures or samples of any of these great products from BioEdge contact Peter B.D. Cowin, President of BioEdge Fishing Products LLC. At the above email, website or telephone.