When Buzzrbaits are on the menu, let the fish tell you how they want it served. Some days a quiet, slow, burble-burbling retrieve works best. Other days, ripping the bait across the surface draws strikes. There are times when a clattering, squeaking bait draws fish and other times it repels them.

No doubt you have seen buzz baits that include a flat, triangular blade in front of the buzz prop. Each time the prop rotates through half a turn, it strikes the blade, producing a ringing click. Wouldn’t it be better to have quiet-running buzzbaits and add clacker blades only when the conditions warrent them? You can easily make up a dozen or so clacker blades and keep them in you Secret Weapon arsenal for times when fish are waiting to hear the dinner bell. Here’s how:

– Aluminum sheeting, as used in gutters
– Finishing nail, larger than the buzzbait frame wire
– Pliers
– Sheet metal shears

Cut a triangular piece of aluminum with the spine about the length of the vertical section of the buzzbait frame.

Position the aluminum blade blank over the buzzbait and note where you will bend it (marked in red) and where the corners should be trimmed (marked in blue).

Here you see the same blade blank, trimmed and ready to form the hinge.

Using a finishing nail slightly thicker than the buzzbait frame wire, bend the aluminum sheeting around the nail. This creates a U-shaped, rounded bend.

With pliers, press the two wings or panels together. This closes the hinge, transforming it from a U-shape to an O-shape.

The clacker blade is nearning completion now. Rotate the nail a few times to ensure the sleeve you’ve created is uniform, and then remove the nail. Use a bench grinder or file to round the corners and smooth the edges.

To attach your new clacker blade to the Buzzrbait, slightly spread the two panels enough to slip the buzzbait frame inside. Position the blade until it snaps into place. Then press the two panels back together.

We have used these homemade clacker blades with great success and have yet to lose one while fishing or during a fight. This simple addition will allow you to quickly modify your bait for whatever conditions you encounter.

Good fishing!

Bob Rickard ———————–<=-    0′)))><

provided by secret weapon lures