Yo-Zuri is proud to announce an exciting new topwater lure addition to the highly successful 3DB Series: the Pencil Popper!! This is a new topwater “walk-the-dog” style lure for this series, and comes highly requested by anglers everywhere. The Yo-Zuri product development team has worked closely with our freshwater pro-staff in order to create the perfect Pencil Popper.

This new style Pencil Popper has an action unlike any other lure in its class! It sits flat on top of the water instead of the tail pointing down, which makes it incredibly easy to “walk-the-dog”. This allows anglers to use different retrieves and cadences, and in turn catch more fish! The best feature of the Pencil Popper is the single one-knock cadence rattle. The single rattle is located in the tail, which gives off a very loud knock, and also allows the Pencil Popper to fly tail first cutting through the wind for extreme casting distance when needed! The action of the Pencil Popper is truly one-of-a-kind, with its specially designed, cupped bottom lip which “spits” water while being retrieved. It has a wide, side to side “walk-the-dog” style action that can be kept in the strike zone for extended periods of time, turning side-to-side up to 180 degrees with twitches of the rod tip.

The color selection for the 3DB Pencil Popper is made up of proven fish catching patterns with its Patented Internal 3D Prism Finish, and one Internal Painted Finish, pulled from the last twenty years of Yo-Zuri product innovation; Bone, Prism Chartreuse Silver, Prism Ghost Shad, Prism Silver Blue, Prism Silver Black, and Clear! These patterns cover any water conditions, are long lasting due to the Internal Prism Finish, and match any local prey forage and enable the angler to target fish in a wide variety of situations!

Yo-Zuri is offering the Pencil Popper to consumers with a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of just 9.99!!! The 3DB Pencil Popper is a true value to the consumer considering Yo-Zuri’s world renowned quality Japanese manufacturing processes.

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