by Chad Morgenthaler

While in the boat I always try to remain as quiet as possible and create very little noise.  This means no slamming storage boxes, or dropping the trolling motor in a lazy manner.   When using electronics also be cautious of the sonar ping.  Bass have lateral lines and can feel the vibration.  Anything unusual in or around their environment can cause the bass to spook, or not to bite.

When conditions allow use the elements to your advantage by approaching targets and structure upwind.  This assures that mud or debris stirred up by the trolling motor will blow away from the structure, and it guarantees that you will not accidentally float over the area and spook the fish.   The fish also use the wind or current to their advantage, and will most likely be facing upwind waiting for an easy meal to pass by.

To remain productive approach structure cautiously and fish the area in a very methodical manner.  Start with the outer edges and ends of the structure before moving toward the middle.  By using this method you can determine the mood of the fish by catching the aggressive fish located on the outsides edges of the structure first.  By landing these bass you’re less apt to spook the rest of the school located deep in the structure.  If you inadvertently spook the fish it’s best to layoff of the area and allow the school a chance to return and become active again.