I have had the opportunity to put my new Ardent XS 600 casting reels to the test this season and they have been outstanding reels! So far I have topped my biggest bass twice with one going over 10 lbs! These Ardent XS 600’s have been through the ringer with tournament after tournament and day after day of fishing. Every time I pick up one of these reels they handle just as smoothly as the day they came out of the box.

The Ardent XS 600 has just 6 ball bearings but it pays out line like it has 10. I am routinely pitching a 7/16th ounce Omega Custom Tackle pitching jig with this reel and the free-flowing spool allows me deadly accuracy. When winching heavy fish out of extreme cover the aforementioned smoothness of this reel grants me domineering control over the fish.

I have used this versatile reel for cranking, flipping, pitching, finesse fishing and every other application under the sun. It performs flawlessly in every situation. With a lightweight magnesium frame and quality components, this rugged American made reel holds up to the most intense pressure any bass fisherman can dish out. There is a reason so many top professional bass fisherman are using these reels; including former Bassmasters Classic winners Alton Jones and Denny Brauer.