FEB 6TH found the  ArmyBassAnglers Team consisting of Mike Garrett/Ron Seevers & Randy Sitz/Jarod Shelton going headed to head against the best sticks in Central Texas at the Bass Champs Central Division Opener, now on WFN, on Belton Lake.   Garrett & Seevers blasted off and made a long run to Frank’s Marina aboard their signature Skeeter boats wrapped in the Returning Heroes Home theme.  The team quickly learned they would be fishing behind other people all day.  Seevers & Garrett began the day throwing Victory Tackle Spinnerbaits, JaRod Jigs, and jerkbaits matched with Castaway Digital Rods,  Ardent Reels and LFT’s hottest new line Para llelium FlouroHybrid FH all purchased at Tightlines Premium Tackle.

Their first spot left them with a dry livewell, as much of the day would do. They made the decision to search for cleaner water, which wasn’t a small feat on this day.
Eventually they located some crystal clear water all the way in the back of a couple creeks.

Garrett would connect with two solid keepers with two consecutive casts. Mike said “The Victory Spin worked like a champ in all that heavy backwater brush and with the abrasion resistance of the new LFT FlouroHybrid FH fishing the brush was not even a  concern.”

They continued to pick apart the rest of the small creek and then decided to relocate to another creek. They arrived at the other creek and found it loaded with boats. Seevers  couldn’t help but laugh and say “Well at least we won’t get lonely on any spot we go to  today.”

The team eased their way into the creek and each boat they came up too said that they were leaving and had seen some good fish in the back but couldn’t hook up. As they made their way back they started seeing all the fish and they as well could not hook up.  From there they moved all the way back as far as they could, trying to get back where nobody else had fished up to this point. Busting brush, the Team broke thru and achieved the goal. As they got farther back in the creek the fish were becoming less spooked by the boat. Garrett quickly hooked up with a solid fish. With less than 30 minutes to weigh-in and a treacherous trip back out of the creek the decision was to cut their time short in hopes that everyone had struggled as well.

The team finished up with a solid 10th place performance. “We just got on to a solid pattern just a little too late in the day but we ended up producing some solid fish,” stated  Garrett.

With a 10th place finish Garret and Ron Seevers won the Skeeter double money bonus, and had the first even weight of the tournament at 8.00 lbs. This qualified them for another bonus if they had in their possession a business card from a Skeeter boat dealership. They were prepared and received an additional $250. Total earnings were $2600 not counting the Skeeter Real Money Program.

“Since his return from Iraq in late May ArmyBassAnglers Pro Mike Garrett has taken 1st at the Choke Canyon Fishing for Freedom Event with his wounded partner, then qualified for the Tough Man Championships. Ron Seevers has been right there with him almost step for step taking 4th in the Anchor Marine Big Bass Event on Choke Canyon and now both teaming up to secure another solid finish—they’re on a role,” stated Roberson.

The ArmyBassAnglers Team of Randy Sitz & Jarod Shelton were not so lucky. When asked what happened a frustrated Sitz simply stated, “Were happy for our teammates, but we’re here to compete and share the mission…so I’ll keep it simple, we fished all day and caught one short fish—end of story.”

200 Teams would compete. 113 fish were brought to the scales for a total weight of 329.26 lbs. Average weight was 2.91 lbs. There were only 2 limits brought to the scales with a 133 zeroes.

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