army_kidMay 15-16th found the ArmyBassAngler Pro Teams conducting Split Operations between Fishers of Men Central Texas 5th and final event on Lake Travis while simultaneously the rest of the Team would conduct a Returning Heroes Home Fundraising Operation at the 2009 2nd Annual Christian Outdoors Expo Show in New Bruanfels, TX.

“The decision to conduct Split Ops this month was a tough one,” stated ArmyBassAnglers Pro/President Cody Roberson. “We really had to sit down and look at the schedule. We had 2 teams scheduled to fish Bass Champs South, 2 Teams in a points race Raffle Winners: Tom Hewitt & Grandson on Fishers of Men Central, of which one team was in a close race for Anglers of the Year, and we had our obligation to conduct a Returning Heroes Home Fundraising Operation at the COA Expo.”

But, everyone failed to consider the Great State of Texas Weather which would have a vote. As luck would have it a terrible South Texas storm would sweep across the State wreaking havoc on not only both tournaments but the show as well.

“Not accounting for the weather, the decision was made for 2 of the Teams to Fish FOM in an attempt to qualify both teams for the South Regional Championships. We were 50/50 on that decision despite a gallant effort by Ron Seevers and his daughter stepping in,” said Roberson.
The rest of the Team would conduct the Fund Raising Operation at the COA Expo. Again, weather was a determinate factor. With 50 mph gusts, tents crashing, lightning strikes and golf ball size hail the show was cancelled about 4 hours into its second and last day. “We were a little upset, but more concerned about the Teams on the water,” stated ArmyBassAnglers Pro Chad Nelson who worked the booth at the Expo.

Despite all the weather and “Murphy’s” attempts to foil the Operation the overall decision to conduct Split Operations was a success. The ArmyBassAnglers successfully qualified (1) Team for the South Regional Championships, managed an overall 6th place standing, raised awareness for Returning Heroes Home and successfully raised $196 for the Warrior & Family Support Center to be utilized to help construct Phase II of the facility.

“All in All, everyone made it home safe and we managed to continue to further the Mission of SUPPORT.DEFEND.FISH under some pretty hairy weather this weekend-HOOAH!” said Roberson.