image001Despite the slow economy, Skeeter owners descended on Lake Fork, along with (9) ArmyBassAngler Pros and their extremely recognizable patriotic boats wrapped in the Retuning Heroes Home theme, with a Mission to raise awareness for the second phase of the Warrior & Family Support Center.

“It seems like just yesterday that ArmyBassAngler Pros attended their first Skeeter Owners Tournament last year to raise awareness for the first phase of construction of the Warrior & Family Support Center. Time sure does fly when you are deployed to Iraq and have to watch all the fun from the “sand.”   Since that time the first phase of the facility has been completed and was opened on 1 Dec 2008. Now Phase II is under way and our Mission today is just as viable as it was last year.  We just can’t put into words how indebted we are to the Skeeter Family for facilitating the opportunity for us to reach the national stage to further our Mission to SUPPORT.DEFEND.FISH,” stated Cody Roberson, President  & Founder of ArmyBassAnglers.

“Today, Skeeter is the nation’s strongest and fastest growing bass boat brand, and anyone who carries the Skeeter flag does so with great pride and we are honored to be able to carry the Skeeter Guidon–HOOAH,” added Roberson.

Not many people left Lake Fork empty handed, as Skeeter handed out more than $100,000 in cash and prizes to the top 11 finishers each hour. And to add to this year’s excitement, the 4th hourly and 7th hourly winners would be matched with ArmyBassAngler Pros Brent Homan and Charles Guthrie to compete headed-to-head with Skeeter Elite Pros and other hourly winners for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to the 2010 Bassmaster Classic in Birmingham, Alabama.

“What a tremendous opportunity,” stated ArmyBassAnglers Pro Brent Homan as he conducted his last minute pre-combat checks before launching for the biggest highlight of his professional fishing career.  “I honestly can’t believe the year I’m having and the amount of support we have seen from the Skeeter Family and the community.  I’m actually going to get to go head-to-head with my childhood heroes like Kelly Jordan, Zell Rowland and last year’s Bassmaster Classic Champion Alton Jones.  I’m truly humbled and pumped,” said Homan.

Not only was Brent Homan and Charles Guthrie excited, but so was ArmyBassAnglers President Cody Roberson as he watched the Shoot-out launch a-top of his personal tournament boat, a Skeeter ZX 200, that was on static display at the ArmyBassAnglers Booth.

“It was a dream come true. I honestly had to take a step back and take it all in. 4 years ago I would have never guessed we  would have come this far and nor would I have ever guessed that my team would be fishing against their childhood heroes in an opportunity of a life time.  Yes, I’d like to have been out there, but guys like Brent and Chuck truly stepped up this year and plugged the Team’s wholes; raised awareness for the Warrior & Family Support Center all while fishing hard during mine and Mike Garrett’s deployments to Iraq. They deserve to be rewarded for all their hard work.  That’s why the Battle Buddy System works so well.  We all “ruck-up” when duty calls to execute the DEFEND pillar of our Mission Statement and our Battle Buddies pick up the slack,” stated Roberson.

Additionally, Skeeter went all out to ensure its owners were treated to a host of on-site activities, including demo rides, fishing seminars, kid’s casting contest, vendors and a Texas barbeque.
Ben Jarrett, The Skeeter National Sales Representative heads up a group of Skeeter employees who cook and serve a Texas-sized meal to all owners. This year’s barbeque featured 500 lbs. of hot links, 1,960 lbs. of brisket, 600 lbs. of potato salad, 80 gallons of Skeeter baked beans, 40 gallons of barbeque sauce, 6,000 bottles of water, 400 cases of soft drinks and one ton of ice.

.“This being my first Skeeter Owners Tournament, I was literally amazed at how much effort and pride goes into the event. The Skeeter Family truly does go all-out to make this a one-of-a-kind event.  I’m truly looking forward to next year’s Owners Tournament and the ArmyBassAnglers are already adding it to our “Long Distance” training calendar,” commented Roberson.

Skeeter Products, Inc., the Official Boat Sponsor of ArmyBassAnglers, makes fishing and boating fun and rewarding with an owner’s tournament, it’s “Real Money” tournament incentive program, and a top-notch dealer network. Skeeter designs and manufactures innovative and high-performing bass, walleye, fish & ski, and saltwater boats. Skeeter is the recipient of seven consecutive CSI customer satisfaction awards, and its boats are NMMA certified to meet strict U.S. Coast Guard and American Boat & Yacht Council standards. For a catalog call (800) SKEETER, or for more information visit the skeeterboats website. For more information on ArmyBassAnglers visit