ArmyBassAnglers Converge on Lake Lewisville for the 2nd Annual Oakley North Texas Classic—HOOAH!

aba_texas1Sept 25th-27th found ArmyBassAngler Pros Cody Roberson, Don Bailey, Chuck Guthrie, Jason Blackmon, Mike Garrett, Ron Seevers & Al Pemberton converging on the North Texas scene beginning with an appearance & fund raising operation at the Grapevine Bass Pro Shops featuring the ArmyBassAnglers Pro Staff, Kevin VanDam (KVD), Kelly Jordan (KJ), Gerald Swindell (G-Man), FLW Pro Mark Pack & The Oakley Girls.

The Operation not only featured the top Elite Pros and the ArmyBassAnlgers but also featured the Oakley O-Lab where anglers could put their best polarized glasses to the test against Oakley’s superior polarized eyewear technology. “This was the first time I had seen the test and I was blow away not only by the protection provided by my Oakley’s but I was completely floored by the vision tests and how inferior the other brands were.

It truly opens your eyes, pardon the pun, to how much strain your eyes are placed under to compensate for the inferior lenses of other brands,” stated ArmyBassAnglers Pro Cody Roberson after a private O-Lab demonstration with Kevin Van Dam & Kelly Jordan.

The First Ever Annual Oakley North Texas Classic on Lake Lewisville would be met with beautiful weather a good turn-out but fishing conditions would prove to be pretty tough. The day prior to the event a front would just lift leaving behind blue bird skies and rising pressure. ArmyBassAngler Pros would “wack” 30+ fish between the 4 teams but would only manage to bring 2 keepers totally 5.04 lbs to the scales brought in by ArmyBassAngler Pros Cody Roberson & Don Bailey. “We hadn’t fished this lake before. Our plan was simple…beat the damn too death. We noticed the bait fish were pretty small, so we matched the “hatch” and began throwing rattle traps with our new Castaway digital camo patterned rods (inspired by the ArmyBassAnglers) matched with our Ardent XS1000s and worked the baits slow,” said Bailey. “We were just glad to weigh-in and share our Mission,” said Cody.

aba_texas2Day two—Big Bass, would be much of the same thing, blue bird skies and a small breeze. But the day would find the teams catch’in better fish with their Castaways, Ardents & superior Oakley weaponry. On the second day, each team would weigh in a big bass. It wasn’t planned to happen this way, but all 4 teams waited till the last hour to weigh their big fish all going head-to-head for the last hourly win.

Leading the weigh-in first would be the team of Cody Roberson & Don Bailey, they would soon be over taken by Mike Garrett and Chuck Guthrie, then all four would fall prey to Ron Seevers who pulled out a last minute win just last week at the Anchor Marine Big Bass. Ron Seevers would end the hour securing a 5th Place Big Bass win. “It was great to pull off another last minute win, we began the year with a rough start and we seem to finally be pulling it all together again,” stated Seevers.

“Overall, this was a quality event and we can’t thank the folks at Oakley & Big Bass Tour enough for the opportunity to bring the ArmyBassAnglers and our Mission to North Texas and join forces with us to raise awareness for Returning Heroes Home,” stated ArmyBassAnglers President & Pro Cody Roberson. “We’re looking forward to coming back next year and being a part of this event each year.”

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