cody3Sept 5 & 6th found ArmyBassAngler Pros Cody Roberson, Don Bailey, Chuck Guthrie, Brent Homan, Mike Garrett, Jason Blackmon & Ron Seevers all competing in the 3rd Annual Anchor Marine Big Bass on Choke Canyon while simultaneously conducting a Returning Heroes Home Fundraising Operation.

“It was awesome to see all (5) of the ZX Skeeters wrapped in the Returning Heroes Home custom wraps come zooming in on the water from pre-fishing and to have the bulk of the ArmyBassAnglers Team present to support the 3rd Annual Anchor Marine Big Bass Event,” stated Tony Alvarez Sr., President & COO of Anchor Marine.  “It was a total pleasure and an honor to visit with each one of the Pro Staff members, they are truly professionals. I was extremely blessed and felt honored to have the ArmyBassAnglers present and very grateful for all they have done in the past and present to preserve my freedom and our Countries pride!!!!!”

The Team had a strong showing and a successful Operation overall on both fronts as Jason Blackmon & Mike Garrett would take home (2) checks in two separate hours while Ron Seevers would literally secure a 3rd check in the last hour landing a nice 4lb chunk in literally the last 9 minutes of the event cranking a crankbait from Tightlines, coupled with an Ardent XS1000 and Castaway Cranking Rod. “I actually passed by the fish holding on a cluster of trees trying to work the angle on the brush and “bang” there he was. I pulled up the trolling motor and dropped the throttle on Skeeter ZX 250 and blasted into the weigh-in. Its times like this when reliability of a Yamaha and a 3 second hole shot mean everything,” said Seevers.

Cody Roberson and Don Bailey would beat the banks all day managing several fish all of which were quickly out classed by larger fish at the scales. “It was a very successful tournament and Operation. With the reports coming in the fish were shallow we worked the banks and points most of the day with our Castaway rods and Ardent reels.  We landed a lot of fish and with our new polarized Oakley’s our ability to pear into the water enabled us to spot the grass beds much easier and locate the fish faster saving us a lot of time and wasted casts—just wished they’d been a little bigger,” laughed Roberson.

Not only did the team fair well on the water, the ArmyBassAnglers Team successfully rose over $100 dollars to be donated to Returning Heroes Home to help construct Phase II of the Warrior & Family Support Center in San Antonio, TX on the BAMC Campus.  “We can’t thank Anchor Marine, Bass Champs, Skeeter Boats and our sponsors enough for providing the opportunity to conduct the operation and resources to make it happen,” said Don Bailey.

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