July 24 found ArmyBassAngler Pro Brent Homan on the Potomac River Fishing the 2nd to last PVA National fishing trail for 2010. Brent started fishing the trail last month on Lake Ray Hubbard in Texas where he secured a top 10 finish with a 6th place finish that would leave Brent sitting in 40th place after just one tournament, with only 2 more tournaments left in the season, and a whole lot of catching up to do.

As the sun would break on the morning of the 24th Homan would finally start the tournament with a boat draw of 28th.

As Homan’s number was called he decided to go to Mattawoman creek, and start fishing the mats within the creek. Once at his starting spot he grabbed his castaway swim-bait rod rigged with a Lake Fork Black Frog and a Ardent sx1000, “I have to say the Ardent reel made its money this tournament” as he could sling the frog almost to the bank, on the first cast Homan hooked up with a solid keeper as soon as the frog hit the water, “it was beautiful to see the frog get gulped as soon as it hit the water, almost like the bass saw it coming.” Moments later Homan landed another fish as his swim-bait rod would horse the fish in through the grass. Just as the frog bite got hot it quickly died as the tide stopped moving and the fish stopped biting, “I was told by some very experienced anglers that the fish on this river feed on a clock, so I put my head down and picked up my Castaway flipping stick rigged with a 1oz mega weight and a Blue Bruiser Lake Fork Flipper and started flipping to every hole I saw.”

The 3rd keeper came about 1100 and Homan was happy finally get a bite Flipping. “As the tide started moving again I knew that they would be moving to the outside edge of the mats to start feeding again, when I flipped the third keeper in the boat I started to get excited.” About 15 more flips later the line flicked on the way down as this is a typical bite for flipping grass and Homan set the hook on keeper #4.

As time got closer to weigh in Homan made one last cast and “bam” keeper #5 the LFT flipper, and that fish would be the biggest of the day. “I was just happy with 5 keepers, it was a grind all day with the temps topping 105.”For Immediate Release

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As Homan laid down his rods as the day was coming to a close. “At the check-in dock we were told that a limit was hard to come by this day, with that I was happy just to have a limit.” The scales tipped in Homan’s favor with almost 10 pounds and a 5th place finish—the day was done.

Once the tournament was over and the points we updated Homan, in just two tournaments, now sits in 20th place heading into the last tournament at Fort Gibson, OK. Homan would like to thank all the ArmyBassAnglers sponsors and friends.

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