ArmyBassAnglers Support Ft. Leavenworth Bass Club’s First Annual Fishing for Freedom Event on Truman Reservoir—HOOAH!

Sept 19 found ArmyBassAngler Pro Rob Appleby representing the ArmyBassAnglers contingent and supporting the Ft. Leavenworth Bass Club’s first annual Fishing for Freedom Event at Harry S. Truman.

The 1st annual Truman Reservoir Fishing for Freedom event turned out to be a tremendously successful operation.  The Ft. Leavenworth Bass Club, lead by point man Larry Stoafer, began their mission analysis to host the event over 9 months ago.  Thru the utilization of the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) and solid problem analysis the organization opted for a COA that templated the mission for an execution date around the FLW and BASS schedules IOT enable a higher attendance for both Pro’s and volunteers.  As fate, also know in any Military Operation as “MURPHY,” would have it, BASS ran into a bind and ended up scheduling an event on the same day as the FFF event.  This put the LBC in a bind for boaters to take the Warriors out fishing for the event. Despite the conflict, the LBC adapted and overcame the obstacle, achieved their goal of 50 boats and actually had more boats to support the event than needed, ensuring all the Warriors were matched with a boater for the event.

Joining the field of Boaters supporting the event was ArmyBassAnglers Pro Rob Appleby with the ArmyBassAnglers signature ZX Skeeter custom wrapped in the Returning Heroes Home theme all prep’d and ready to take (1) lucky Warrior out for a day of high speed, fun & fishing.

The tournament kicked off at first light, 7am on Saturday morning.  The Corp of Engineers had drained the reservoir over 30 feet in the previous 30 days, which made for tough fishing conditions.  “Despite the conditions, we were prepared for a day of fun and there is just no way you can’t have fun flyin across the lake on Skeeter at high speed and the wind in your face,” stated Appleby. “We were gonna fun no matter what, it’s just that kind of tournament.”

Even with the tough conditions, EVERY Warrior we spoke with caught something.  There were not a lot of “keepers” caught in the event, but there were a lot of fish and smiles to go around.  The final results saw just one limit weighed in, at a little over 12 lbs, with plaques handed out for first through sixth place. “Regardless, everyone is a winner in a tournament of this nature. It’s not about winning, it’s about SUPPORTING and physically demonstrating your appreciation thru the simple gesture of taking someone fishing—that’s what it’s all about and why we get involved in supporting clubs willing to host events like this. Special kudo’s to Larry, LBC and all the volunteers, they truly get-it,” stated Roberson, President of ArmyBassAnglers.

The end of the event was highlighted by each and every Warrior walking away with not only a gift bag (Stuffed with free items), but also each one of them won a door prize. One lucky winner walked away with a brand new XS1000 Ardent reel, courtesy of Ardent Reels & ArmyBassAnglers!

It was during the weigh-in when the Warriors first started asking when next year’s event was going to be held.  It was easy to see that everyone involved had a great time and were looking forward to next years, bigger and better, event. “It was truly an honor to be invited to be a part of something so special—can’t wait till next year,” said Appleby.

For more information on when the next event will occur visit ArmyBassAnglers @ or contact the Ft. Leavenworth Bass Club. Or to meet the ArmyBassAnglers in person they will be appearing at the Bass Pro Shops in Lewsville, TX., 25 Sept 2009 with Elite Pros Kevin VanDam, Kelly Jordan & Gerald Swindell for the Oakley North Texas Classic. Be sure to come by and swap “War Stories” from down range and on the water—HOOAH!