ArmyBassAnglers Pro Dave Behm, who represents the ArmyBassAnglers Mission in Nevada, recently took 2nd Place in the MID Winter Classic on Lake Mohave.

“Winters in the West are not like winters everywhere else, when it gets to 50 degrees or below we start to hibernate because we can’t handle the cold,” said Behm who was bundled up all the way to SNIVEL CON 3.

With that said, the MID Winter Classic was sure to be a day to remember with 30 degree air temps and 20 mph winds that cut right thru the anglers like a jungle penetrating K-Bar knife.

Fortunately Behm’s first point was a sheltered bluff in 26 ft of water close to a deep water drop off of 40 plus feet. The water temp was 55 degrees and crystal clear thus allowing Behm to visibly see the fish utilizing his superior polarized Oakley Straight Jackets to get “eyes on” the fish. “I honestly could see the fish. The superior polarized technology easily allowed me to target the fish, which I didn’t have in other eyeglasses before.

Behm’s 1st cast of the day was with a Lake Fork Trophy Lures (LFT) green pumpkin Hyper Finesse Worm on a ¼ oz LFT tungsten drop shot with a Castaway Drop Shot spinning rod matched with an Ardent S2500 Spinning reel which resulted in a quick hook-up. The chunk weighed just over 2lbs and quickly found a new home in the Skeeter Exclusive Live Well System on Behm’s 20I wrapped in the Returning Heroes Home custom wrap.

For the next 3 hours the fishing was consistent but included a lot of short fish just under the 14” minimum length limit so the decision was made to relocate. With approx 3 hours remaining Behm relocated to an area that had numerous large chunky boulders while also switching patterns and weapons to a ½ oz custom painted JAROD Football Jig with a 2 ½ inch watermelon seed/chartreuse pepper Pig-Claw trailer from LFT, which he secured from Tightlines.

The new pattern allowed Behm to add a few more keepers to the live well, for a total of 4 fish weighing 7 ½ lbs. “I knew the weather was going to play a big role and the weights would be low, but I was a really surprised at weigh-in. The weather conditions really put a hit on the rest of the anglers. Only 6 boats would bring fish to the scales. After that knowledge I was pretty happy with my performance,” stated Behm.

“I can’t Thank my sponsors enough for all the Support. With the quality gear they provide us they it truly allows us to be competitive and share our Mission on stage at these events—HOOAH!

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