ArmyBassAnglers & their WTB Partners Clean Up at the Warriors in Transition Brigade Charity Bass Tournament

23rd April found ArmyBassAngler Pros Brent Homan & Chuck Guthrie taking part in a charity tournament for our wounded soldiers of the Warriors in Transition Brigade as part of the WTB’s Organizational Day Activities & Charity Bass Tournament.  “It’s always a pleasure to have the guys make time to participate in these events. Mother Nature has an impeccable means for healing soldiers thru nature and just simply making time to take these guys out for a day of fishing just seems to accomplish that. Guys like Brent & Chuck are so big hearted and are merely facilitators—Mother Nature does the rest,” stated ArmyBassAnglers President/Founder Cody Roberson.

At safe light, 12 boats launched on Stillhouse Hollow Lake, both ArmyBassAnglers Pros had high expectations in locating some quality fish that their partnered WTB Soldier could catch and maybe even win some quality prize packages.  ArmyBassAnglers Pro Brent Homan had been on fish all week in a previous tournament and pre-fishing and immediately headed to the main lake ridge line.  Within 3 casts the Team had landed a solid 6+ lb toad! “I’m not sure which was more exhilarating the for my partner Mark, the ride across the lake at 60 mph on the Skeeter ZX 225 or landing that big o’le toad and feeling that Skelton Grassmaster Rod doubled over. Mark was so stoked!” stated Homan. “I gotta admit I was excited for him too.”

As conditions changed and the wind picked up so did the fishing around 1000 hrs and the decision was made to get out of the wind and move to a point on Union Grove.  Immediately upon arrival Mark began landing fish after fish on a drop shot with the Castaway Drop Shot Rig coupled with an Ardent XS1000 provided by Ardent, the Official Reel Sponsor to ArmyBassAnglers.

With only an hour left Homan decided to take the team back their starting point and with the 4th cast they had a limit of fish.  “Mark was so excited because the night prior he shared with me how bad he wanted to win the rod & reel combo. I was pretty confident with our sack of fish, Mark fished hard and with a nice 6 lb fish in the bag I knew we would be competitive—but ArmyBassAnglers Pro Chuck Guthrie is out their lurking with his partner as well. I have no doubt they were on some fish knowing Chuck.”   

You could just feel Mark’s anxiety as we move towards the weigh-in. It was really cool to see his excitement. And when the bag topped 13 lbs his eyes got soooo big. We had won—talk about cool.  I don’t think I have ever been so happy for another angler. This is what ArmyBassAnglers is all about and why I enjoy being a part of suck a great team of professionals with a Mission much more important than any one individual,” stated Homan.

ArmyBassAnglers would not only secure the win but big bass as well and ArmyBassAnglers Pro Chuck Guthrie’s team would shore up the 3rd Place position. “It’s great day any day when you get to go fishing. And it’s an even better day when you can do it all while helping fellow soldiers have some quality fun at the same time. I can’t wait this fall when all the Fishing for Freedom Events kick off,” stated ArmyBassAnglers Pro Chuck Guthrie.

ArmyBassAngles would like to thank all the ArmyBassAnglers Sponsors who continue to make the ArmyBassAnglers Mission SUPPORT.DEFEND.FISH. a reality—HOOAH!