Tournament Trail: Bassmaster Elite Classic Championship
Lake:  Louisiana Red River
Dates: February 20-22nd 2009
Angler: Ish, Monroe


Q. What does Red river have for Structure and Cover?    A. “There is a lot of wood in the form of stumps and downed trees, vegetation varies in areas, however new anglers to the Red River system will discover what is known as ‘Alligator Grass’, this a vine growth with extremely narley, twisting formations. Other cover will look very familiar in the form of pads and stems growth with grass. Besides the main river channel with wing dams and riprap shorelines, most of the better structure will be in back bays and flats where there is a variety of depths to be found.”

Q. What do you believe will be the Tournaments Prevalent Patterns?   A. “As the Classic Contenders descend unto the Red River, we should find the bass in a Pre-Spawn transitional pattern? Water temperatures will most likely be in the 50-55 degree range, and if it reaches 58 degrees…The Red River will be on Fire!!! Those bass could be devouring anything thrown at them.”

Q. Considering normal basic Spring Pre-Spawn Seasonal Patterns, which Techniques do you believe will be utilized?   A. “This will be a ‘Power Fishing Slug Fest’, in my opinion. Big Baits + Big Line + Big Rods = Big Bass! However, anglers will have to find the sweet spots and filter through a ton of smaller bass in the two-pound class. If conditions are right ESPN should be able to supply anglers watching the Classic with enormous amount of bass-catching action?”

Q. Which Type of Baits will most of the bass be caught on?    A. “Reaction type power baits such as spinnerbaits, chatter baits, swimbaits, lipless crankbaits, as well as diving crankbaits, should all produce? And, never count out jig and pig combinations! My Rangers deck will have a Diawa 8′ Steez Flipping stick, a 7’2″ Diawa Steez Fle-X-Lite rod for sure, my Diawa reels will be spooled Maxima 10-12-15 lb mono line, while my flipping stick will be working with 65 lb Power Pro. It will be imperative to cover water fast, yet thoroughly in my search to locate quality bass.”

Q. What do you look for during your Practice Days?   A.  “I plan on covering a lot of water making long runs, logging important information into my sonar equipment in specific areas that I find productive, or will become productive during the actual Classic. Areas with warmer water temperatures, a good growth of pad stems, spawning flats with creek channels close by. I can guarantee that my Lowrance GPS system coupled with my Navionics chip will certainly be my mainstay tools during practice.”

Q. With everything taken into perspective how much weight will you be looking for each day at the scales, and what will it take to win this event?   A. “Once again, depending upon the weather, the Red Rivers water level and clarity, I am speculating I will need between 17-20 lbs Day#1 and Day#2 with at least 30 lbs to make the Top-25 Cut. Winning the Bassmaster Classic will most likely take 52-60 lbs!

Q. “You are friends with Andre Moore and his wife Kim Bain Moore, the first Lady Angler to compete in the Bassmaster Classic. With that said give us a Kim Bain Moore Classic Prediction!”

A. “Kim is and has proven herself to be an awesome angler, in both freshwater and saltwater. The amount of pressure resting on her shoulders is enormous. I firmly believe her ability to balance this pressure while keeping her confidence level where it needs to be to win the Classic, will be the key that opens the door to her winning the Classic or not! Kim will represent every one of the WBT anglers in a professional manner that every one will be proud of. She is great for the Sport of Professional Bass Tournament Competition, and I’m sure she will definitely be one of the ‘Fan Favorites’.”