Bass East Pre-Tournament  Predictions for “Bassmaster WBT Tour” on “Quachita River”

Tournament Trail: Bassmaster WBT Tour
Lake:  Quachita River, West Monroe, LA
Dates: April 23-25h 2009 Angler: Diana Clark, Bumpus Mills, TN

Q. What does Quachita River have for Structure and Cover?   

A. “I have never been there before, however, my understanding is that it is similar to the Red River. I expect main river channel bends, channel ledges and backwater areas with grass pads and Cyprus trees. Bass really relate to the Cyprus Knee’s, which grow all around the root system of the Cyprus trees as individual spikes developing a jungle within themselves!”

Q. What do you believe will be the Tournaments Prevalent Patterns?  

A. “Looking at it from a seasonal transition perspective, I am anticipating the bass will be between a Spawn and Post-Spawn period? Considering the weather patterns leading up to the tournament and the amount of rain received by all of the tributaries flowing into the Quachita up-river, it is very possible we will be greeted with extreme high muddy conditions!”

Q. Considering normal basic Mid-Late Spring Seasonal Patterns, which Techniques do you believe will be utilized?  

A. “This tournament in my opinion will be during a transitional period, so we are very likely to see a variety of techniques utilized such as; flipping slow-falling jigs, smaller finesse baits and of course faster reactions type baits such as spinnerbaits.”

Q. Which Type of Baits will most of the bass be caught on?   

A. “The Quachita River I understand is a small bass fishery, so down-sizing as I mentioned to more finesse baits will most likely play a major role in attaining limits. But, I will tell you that my Rangers front deck will have Dobyns DX-704C and 765C rods, with Ardent XS1000 Reels spooled with 32lb Lake Fork FluoroHybrid line! My choice for baits will be B & M jigs, Lake Fork Soft Plastic HyperBaits, such as Hyper worms, Finesse worms and one of my favorites the Hyper Freak!”

Q. What do you look for during your Practice Days?  

A.  “I’ll be looking for spring patterns, both in the backwater areas as well as the main river system. Water conditions will play a major role in whether I spend most of my searching the shallows for ditches and pockets within spawning flats, or run the main river concentrating on river ledges, bends and current breaks.”

Q. With everything taken into perspective how much weight will you be looking for each day at the scales, and what will it take to win this event?  

A. “If the Quachita proves to be a small fish river system, then I believe we will see the ladies carrying an average of 10 lb limits to the scales each day. Then factor in somehow someone always finds that kicker fish to anchor a limit with and I feel the winning weight will be much closer to 34 lbs.”