Power Tackle’s Pro Angler Keith Combs gives his predictions for the FLW East / West fish-off.

Q. What does this Lake have for Structure and Cover?

A. Falcon is a strange lake right now , its at full pool for the
first time since 1987 so you can imagine the amount of brush and
overgrowth. The primary cover is Huarache bushes and Rehama trees. This is
some nasty thorny brush

Q. What will the tournaments prevalent patterns and techniques be ?

A. Most of the fish are schooling right now , the trick is finding
the schools . The lake does have some rocky points lined with old
hardwoods. I think most of the fish will be caught from brush in about 20
feet of water ,flipping.

Q. Which type of bait will most of the bass be caught on ?

A. Craws & Creature baits will catch alot of fish . Some will be
caught on Spinnerbaits

Q. What did you look for during your Practice Days?

A. I started off offshore fishing deep brush. Then I moved to the
bushes and trees looking for something different.

Q.With everything taken into perspective how much weight will you be
looking for each day at the scales, and what will it take to win this event?

A. There are 60 guys fishing this event 30 from the East and 30 from
the West , you only have to beat the guy you are paired with to win entry
into next years FLW Cup.  I will be looking for 24-25 lbs the winner is the
only one who gets a check . I think 82-83 lbs will win the event but it is
Falcon and it may take 100 !!!


Photo by Rob Newell