“Bassmaster Weekend Series”  “Championship” on “Lake Norman”

Tournament Trail:
Bassmaster Weekend Series/Championship Lake:
Lake Norman, NC Dates: November 9th-15th 2008
Angler: Maine’s Dave Barnes

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After his third Place finish on North Carolina’s Kerr Lake a few weeks ago, Maine’s Dave Barnes has his eyes focused on North Carolina’s Lake Norman and a Championship title!

Q. What does this Lake have for Structure and Cover?
A. Deep and shallow water docks, lay down timber and shoals.

Q. What will be the Tournaments Prevalent Patterns?
A. Key is going to be finding shad schools with active bass to get a quick limit of spotted bass then going for a kicker largemouth

Q. Considering Seasonal Patterns, which Techniques will be utilized?
A.Top water for schooling fish, shaky head worms and jigs on docks and lay downs.

Q. Which Type of Baits will most of the bass be caught on?
A. Top water and finesse worms

Q. What do you look for during your Practice Days?
A. I look for bait fish with active fish and concentrate my search in that area, trying to find several areas close by so I can spend most of my time fishing in one area.

Q. With everything taken into perspective how much weight will you be looking for each day at the scales, and what will it take to win this event?
A. I think a 12 to 15 pound limit each day will keep you in the hunt. 40 to 45 pounds should win for the 4 days.

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