Even in this economy, the bass boat market and prices continue to push the ceilings off the homes of the average angler. Waterways especially in California are raising the temperatures of anglers as local governments test their muscle creating less access to backwaters, lakes and streams. Signs stating ‘No motorized boats’ are becoming familiar.

One company’s answer… the Twin Troller X10 by the Carolina Electric Boat Company. It incorporates two fully electric trolling motors recessed into the hull’s cavity. This propulsion system allows the angler to use his feet for boat operation and his hands for fishing.

Different from a kayak, canoe, float tube or mini catamaran. The X10 allows you increased coverage of a water- way, much like a bass angler would do with his trolling motor.

BASSEAST staff tested the X10. Here’s what we found:

Floatation and Stability: The X10 is 48 inches wide and 10 feet lone. Impressive was the boats determination not to be capsized. We watched a 200 plus man stood on the gunnels of the craft without falling into the drink. What also amazed us was how shallow this water-rat was able to draft. With one person in the boat, the water buggy propelled itself in 5 inches of water.

Even in 30 mph winds our water-buddy was able to safely get us to shore. The X10 is not big-water boat, although if completely swamped the sealed unit will float! We tested the X10 in slow, heavy current, near water-skiers and in shallow stick marshes choked with weeds.

Operation and Management: The craft was easily managed from the truck to the water with the assistance of the company dolly (an necessary accessory).

Innovated propulsion.

By pushing your heel down on one pedal, your toes down on the other, you can turn 360 degrees on axis. Negotiating tight spaces and swift travel is not a problem. The pedals are removable and can be place in the front of back of the boat.

The X10 will give you about 7-8 hours of fishing with a group 27 battery. The 10x has a transom and can accept an 3 horse power gas motor.

Fishability: The X10 has rod ramps allows you 4 rods each side of the craft.. A tackle pack will fit on floor. Trophy hunters are going to love this hull. It is quiet, able to travel over submerged limbs and weed pockets unlike a bass boats exposed trolling motor. Have you ever fantasized about gliding a 100 yards back into submerged tree limbs? It’s reality now!

The above gunnels, folding seats are comfortable, and the boat will turn 360 degrees on a dime great for behind boat docks.

The X10 is extremely durable, stable, easy to operate, and a dream to fish from.

Basseast.com’s evaluation gives the boat an “A”. Its stable, easy to use, durable, quiet, angler friendly, easy on your back, made for the caster and drafts extremely shallow. The boat covers water in a pond or back area very efficiently and quickly.

To watch the X10 in action go to www.CarolinaElectricBoats.com