Nothing says it better than the motto of the Boy Scouts: Be Prepared. Over the years I have had countless days of success on the water fishing completely different than I had originally intended. I may have expected a great shallow water bite but found the fish were off-shore. I have geared up for grass fishing only to end the day pounding rocks. I have tied small lures on light line and risen the next morning to water that muddied over night, yet still caught them well. Of course, you must mater the art of quickly adjusting to ever changing conditions, but, you can NEVER adjust if you are not prepared.

I have seen guys bragging about how they have only one rod on the deck because they are so dialed in come to the scales with next to nothing simply because they did not have the equipment to make the proper adjustments throughout the day. I have heard professional fisherman say in seminars that they fear the co-angler who shows up with two rods and a handfull of lures. I think, “what a foolish mistake.” Kevin VanDam has one of the most loaded down boats on tour. When asked why he carries so much tackle in his boat he is qouted saying “I can’t use it if it isn’t in the boat!” It is not surprising to me that the most successful bass fisherman in the world is also the most prepared bass fisherman in the world. So take heed to the advice any 12 year old Boy Scout will give you and Be Prepared.

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Josh Bracamontes