Fishermen know sound and vibration are important elements in fishing lures. Biosonix Systems has taken this concept to a new level with their BSX Fish Activator. The BSX unit allows fishermen to playback signature sound patterns of distressed prey species and attacking predator fish through a patented underwater speaker. It’s this tackle box of sounds Kevin Van Dam used in claiming his Elite-50 title and his Bassmasters Classic Title in ’05. Turn on the bite with the power on natural sound.

Reproduces the natural sound signatures of baitfish and the sounds of baitfish being attacked and eaten by predatory fish. Each sound is digitally recorded and played back via underwater speaker system. Preloaded with six proven sound signatures files. Sound files can be expanded with compact flash media cards (sold separately).

  • * Can be mounted to Gunnell, Deck, or Dash
  • * Gimble Mount Compatible
  • * Includes SD card reader to download custom patterns designed by Prostaff
  • * Short Descriptions of Sound Patterns can be viewed on screen to prevent having to refer to the user manual
  • * Large View 5 x 5 LCD screen
  • * 6 Custom Sound Pattern Options
  • * 4 Preset Sound Patterns
  • * 6 Preloaded SignatureSounds(tm)
  • * Includes Underwater Speaker and mounting accessories