Japanese tackle manufacturer Biovex, just recently set up shop in sunny Southern California under the name BiovexUSA and are distributing their innovative Japanese tackle here to the U.S. market.
Introducing a full range of bass tackle, they have everything from deep and shallow running crankbaits, topwater, soft plastics and wire baits such as the well known Stangun, that offers up premium looks with a super tuned action that has many pros tying it up when the money’s on the line.
The founder of Biovex, Katsushi Umeda explains, “We develop our lures with precise calculation of technical specs to achieve results no matter where you are fishing or what the circumstances are… we have proven it all over Japan and now we want to share it with American anglers.”
Biovex provides serious anglers with new baits designed by some of Japans best tackle designers and tested by professional anglers in both the U.S. as well as the highly pressured lakes of Japan.
“These baits are made to produce when others won’t”, says Biovex pro Josh Douglas.  “Biovex offers me much more than traditional bass tackle, each bait has its own unique actions that make the difference; it’s the fine tuning that sets them apart.”
Their initial U.S. lineup will showcase some of their staple baits from a line that was first created back in 1996. They are also planning an aggressive campaign that will keep them regularly introducing new baits in the years to come. “I’ve had the pleasure of fishing Biovex products for the past 5 years”, explains Douglas. “It’s the little subtleties of these baits that make their action so appealing. For instance, The Deep Runner dives 10 to 12 feet and has the ability to come through the thickest cover but I’ve never seen a crankbait that can imitate the action of a gizzard shad so perfectly. Big bass key in on gizzard shad and Biovex found a way to get that erratic action into a deeper running crankbait. It just produces bigger bites.”
Biovex not only puts tremendous thought into their hard baits but their soft plastic line goes way passed traditional thinking as well. “I’ve been catching giant smallies up in Minnesota for years on the Kolt Fish Tail,” says Douglas, who currently resides in Southeastern Tennessee but learned how to fish in the upper Midwest. “It’s the best dropshot plastic ever made and when they’re on beds spawning, the Ayu color will catch them every single time. It actually glows back at you. I can see the bait from a mile away and the bass simply can’t tolerate that color or the action, I just sit back and watch them eat it”.
The action of the Biovex Kolt Fish Tail is pretty incredible and because of several small holes in the baits cavity, when shaken actually produces the tiniest of bubbles making for the most realist soft plastic imaginable.
Probably the biggest surprise to the Biovex line compared to that of other high-end tackle manufacturers is their budget friendly price point, with many of their baits competing in price with our domestic companies like Rapala and Strike King.
With aggressive plans for the future, Biovex is excited for what lies ahead. For more information and to view their entire US line, visit them on their new website www.BiovexUSA.com.