Topwater walking baits have been around for decades, heck they were probably part of your grandfather’s bass fishing arsenal.  But just because the hooks on those old Spooks are rusting away doesn’t mean that traditional walk the dog baits are dead.  Boing lures have went out of their way to revolutionize the traditional walk the dog topwater bait and have done a great job at it.
These baits scream top quality all around and you really do get what you expect from a $20 topwater plug. Each Boing Lure is constructed of durable Lexan and individually hand crafted.  They feature gorgeous hand paint jobs by BaitWerks, top quality 45# Worth split rings, and super sticky #4 Gamakatsu black nickel treble hooks.  The real innovation in the bait though, has nothing to do with paint jobs or hooks but the “boing” sound chamber technology in the lure.
Jason Yocum founder of boing lures describes the bait’s unique sound “The technology stimulates a fish’s sound-receptor by creating both the low and high spectrum frequencies. This transfers to a burst of acoustic information and electrical signals that are conveyed directly to the fish’s brain.”  When asked about durability Jason responded that “The top water Boing lure is constructed of extremely durable Lexan. The sound chamber contains material which will never bend or break. The hook eyes are constructed of stainless steel. Here at Boing Lures we take our time making each and every bait to make sure you get the best possible lure for your money.”
After putting the lure to the test I can honestly say I was impressed.  Depending on how you work the bait it’s easy to achieve a very tight to wide walk and can be fished effectively at many different cadences and speeds.  The “boing” sound of the lure is unlike that of any topwater I have thrown before.  As for the ability to catch fish, the first time I took the lure out on Claytor Lake in Pulaski, VA I had two smallmouth bass literally fight over the bait.
If you’re interested in a high quality topwater plug that not many people have their hands on yet I would definitely give Boing Lures a shot.  To get your Boing Lure go to, Fish Tales at Anna Point Marina, and Fishermans Headquarters.
Boing Lures and are giving you a chance to win a Boing Lure of your own.  Just go to the Boing Lures Facebook page and like it then comment on this article below and BOOM you’re entered into the giveaway.  We’ll be choosing a winner next Wednesday October 24!
For more information on the author, collegiate bass angler Pat Snellings, check out his website and check him out on Facebook and Twitter @PatSnellings.