Brent LongBrent Long has a record of tournament success that would turn most guys green with envy, but until this year, amid all his success, he admits he was still leaving a lot of ‘green’ on the table.

The 39-year-old homebuilder from North Carolina has competed in both the Bassmaster Classic and the BFL All American, and he recently won $125,000 at the FLW Tour event on Lake Guntersville.  Still, he admits, he was missing out.  Missing out on Toyota Trucks Bonus Bucks.

“I qualified to fish in the Bassmaster Federation Nation Championship in Florida last fall and while I was there I picked up a Toyota Bonus Bucks brochure and started reading it.  I fast realized that in 2009 alone I had missed out on $10,000 in Bonus Bucks by not having a Toyota truck and not being registered for Bonus Bucks,” said Long who lives a short cast from Lake Norman, NC.

“Literally days after I read that Bonus Bucks brochure, I went out and bought a 2010 Toyota Tundra Double Cab with the TRD package,” said Long who loves to fish shallow, but won the recent Guntersville event on deeper ledges.  “I love my Tundra, it’s got plenty of power.  It’s the best tow vehicle I’ve ever had,” he added.

He plans to use the $125,000 he won at Guntersville toward a home he and his family recently built.  He’ll also use a portion of it to pad his twin daughters’ college fund.  The $2,000 in Bonus Bucks he collected to compliment the win could buy those softball-playing girls a lot of textbooks someday.

“Three years ago I rode in Terry Scroggins’ Tundra and I was really impressed.  I knew at that point Toyota was building a great tow vehicle, but I continued to drive another brand and missed out on a lot of Bonus Bucks money along the way,” said Long.

Don’t wait.  Tow with a Toyota Truck and sign up for Bonus Bucks.  It’s simple, drive a 2007 or newer Tundra, Sequoia, 4Runner or Tacoma, send in your registration form like Brent Long did, become the highest finishing eligible participant in your BASS or FLW affiliated tournament – and you win the Bonus Bucks.  To find out more and to make sure you’re signed up please visit or call Kendell at (918) 742-6424.