OCHS Angler President, Ben Bresnahan, initiated for the state of Virginia a recycling project that is catching on not only at the angler’s home base, Lake Anna, but all over Virginia and the US. A promotion that is now supported by the State and National  B.A.S.S. Federation Nation- ESPN Chapters. Chris James of Sturgeon Creek purchased the first of the club’s monofilament recycling tubes which is mounted at the tournament weigh station pavilion at Sturgeon Creek Marina. This is a unique recycling container that promotes less equipment repairs around the marinas as well as less opportunities for wildlife to become entangled in the careless disposal of yards of fishing line (monofilament).

Bresnahan, OCHS Angler’s conservation chairman, came up with the idea of a monofilament recycling project last year. After researching the internet and brain storming for some project ideas, Bresnahan found that Berkley Line was attempting to get a similar product out to the public which would encourage recycling of their Monofilament. Ben worked with a private individual to get the materials for the first ten tubes donated. He then worked diligently to construct the recycling tubes which measure about 3 feet long and are capped on one end.  Old monofilament line is discarded in the top opening and periodically the tube is opened and the old line is packaged to be returned to Berkley for the recycling process.  

Brenham also looked at his project as a business venture to assist the club in obtaining some much needed funding.   He is now busy marketing the containers on the behalf of the club as a place that local businesses can promote their goods and services by having their logo placed on the container as well as show support for this nationally recognize  conservation project. The containers are leased by an individual or company and then placed on the docks and nearby ramps at the local lakes and reservoirs which allow fishing.  With the unique shape and conservation message, Bresnahan & the OCHS Anglers are hopeful that many fishermen will be encouraged to discard their used monofilament in the proper manner. This will assist Berkley not only with their recycling efforts but also give a local business a great place to advertise.   Brenham’s, monofilament recycler is truly a “hook” in getting many of the local fisherman to think twice before tossing that handful of fishing line in the water or on the land and become more conscious about preserving/conserving their environment.  If you or your company would like to assist the OCHS Angler’s in promoting their “Green Conservation Project” as well as advertise your business you can lease the container with your logo for $75.00.  For more information contact the OCHS Anglers or Ben Brenham at Orange County High School 540-661-4300 ext. 1154.