It’s done finally; for the past 2 1/2 years I have been working with The Uncle Josh Bait Co. out of Fort Atkinson WI on a new design of baits that with a simple adjustment of the head that would allow the everyday fisherman to present their lures in the strike-zone longer, bang off of any structure, and get more reaction strikes than ever before. The new baits are called the Bump-N-Run Series and consist of a Swimjig, Buzzbait, and Spinnerbait. I know it sounds boring…same old lures, but there is a major difference with these baits. They have an adjustable head with a bill that when turned either left or right will allow your bait to go in that direction and not just a couple of feet, but by 10 feet or more. Just match the lines provided. If you are fishing a dock the bait will go under the dock around the posts, back under the dock and around each post. You have read it in every magazine and heard it on all the tv shows get your lure as close to or bang into any structure to create that reaction strike. Seawalls, weedlines, bluff walls, rip rap, bridges, timber/stump fields, overhangs, and docks. This is where these baits excel. If you think this is interesting you can go to or and watch the video provided. I know they work, I have won many bass tournaments doing just what these lures do and know they will help you become a better fisherman and catch more fish.
Great fishing,
Mike Mayan