The Chuck-It Frog by Cabela’s is a great frog for the money. The legs have a good kick in the water and the frog easily walks and chugs. The frog has a strong and sharp hook in it to keep big bass on when pulling them across grass mats and out of brush. The frog weighs 5/8 oz so it can be thrown a long distance across grass beds or down rip rap banks. I could easily throw it 30 yards with medium heavy 7’ rod. It is also the perfect size for big bass. The frog comes in a variety of colors to fit almost all conditions. Personally the black and chart color has been producing the best action on cloudy days.

The frog has durable legs that have stood up to a lot of hard hits from bass. The only issue with this frog that I found is that the frog starts to take on some water where the weight is on the belly after catching a couple large bass. This can become a problem because you sometimes have to stop fishing to squeeze out the water. The weight will eventually fall out of the bottom after a while but the frog will still perform. It just won’t sit down as much in the water like a real frog does. If your going to be fishing tournaments where time is everything I wouldn’t suggest this frog simply because of the water leaking issue. You don’t want to have to mess with a frog like this during a tournament. If your looking for a frog to go out and fish for fun without breaking the bank I’d give it a try. Most higher quality frogs run around 9 dollars a pop these days.

Spencer Clark – Bass East staff writer