Now you see it, now you don’t. Cajun’s new Optix fishing line is a quality monofilament designed to be seen by anglers and not the fish.

Cajun Optix is three fishing lines in one: low visibility, high visibility and depth indicating. Each spool features alternating 2 ½ feet sections of low-vis red with high-vis yellow.

The combination allows anglers to tie baits to the red sections to minimize line detection by the fish, yet maintain full line-watching capabilities afforded by the hi-visibility yellow above the water.

With the metered Optix line, lure depth can easily be calculated at 5 feet for every two sections of line released. Optix line is an excellent choice for crappie fishing and other vertical fishing applications. It also serves trollers well, allowing them to keep track of how far baits are being trailed behind the boat for repeatability when fish are caught.

Cajun started the trend of red fishing lines with Cajun Red nearly 10 years ago. Red is the first color in the color spectrum to be absorbed as it penetrates into water. Thousands of anglers have relied on Cajun’s red lines ever since its introduction.

High-visibility yellow is easily distinguishable by the human eye under low and bright light conditions, allowing anglers to keep track of lines and lures while fishing.

The combination of the two colors provides the best of both worlds in the fishing environment. Parallel winding on Optix spools clearly shows the visibility differences between the two colors.

The small diameter Optix line comes in 4 thru 30 lb. tests. Filler spools are 300 yards each, except 30 lb. is 260 yards. A spool of Cajun Optix retails for about $6.95.