Fall can be a great time to throw a crankbait, here is a look at one of Carl Jocumsen’s go to lures. The Molix SCULPO fills a niche and is one of the best hunting lures on the market. Are you a fall cranker? Add the SCULPO to your arsenal and put a few more fish in the boat.

The SCULPO specs.

The SCULPO DR RATTLIN’ USA SPECIAL EDITION is a high technical crankbait that embodies all the most important features that the fisherman require in a lure of this category.It has a  unique action, innovation, and care of details. The SCULPO DR RATTLIN’ USA SPECIAL EDITION has a low profile, one of its features is a unique and very marked wobbling obtained by extensive tests and thorough studies of the distribution of the weights inside it (B.E.S.).  These features give to Sculpo a unique swimming motion and outstanding anti-stranding performances  among the rocks.

Weight: 14 g – 1/2 oz
Length: 5.5 cm – 2-1/4 in