Postspawn Dock Fishing

Brandon Card demonstrates how he skips docks using a spinning rod rigged with a Kalin’s Wac-O-Worm to entice lethargic postspawn bass. Find out more about Brandon on his web site and Facebook page.

Alabama Riggin’ with Brandon Card

B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Brandon Card demonstrates how he rigs his Alabama Rig using Kalin’s Sizmic Shad. Watch as Brandon shows how he sets up his Alabama Rig and see the action underwater. Follow Brandon on his web site and on his Facebook page.

Card’s Office

Brandon Card walks you through his 2014 Triton 21 TRX featuring the 250HP Suzuki SS Matte Black Edition outboard engine which he will be fishing out of during the 2014 B.A.S.S. Elite Series.

Sight Fishing with the Kalin’s Scrub | Underwater Catch

Brandon Card demonstrates how to use the Kalin’s Scrub for sight fishing for bedding bass. Watch the action as we placed a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition on the bed to see the underwater action of the Scrub and how a fish reacts to it while pitching it onto a...

Card’s St John’s Recap

The St Johns River Elite Series tournament did not turn out the way Brandon Card was hoping. Card breaks down the event.

Brandon Card’s Post Seminole Report

Brandon Card breaks down his 56th place performance at Lake Seminole. A solid day one pattern was disrupted by a couple of bed fish that didn’t want to cooperate.