As stated by Swindle one day at Lake Wheeler last week, “Fishing was so tough for me today, if I’d been fishing for crap, I couldn’t have caught stink.”

Making the Cut

“Making the top 12 but being 134 pounds out of the lead is like riding around town with your smokin hot sister, it all looks good, but she’s still your sister.”

Frustrated in Arkansas

Swindle after day 1 on the Arkansas River, 4 bass for 8 pounds:  “I was more frustrated out there today than an albino hitchhiker in a snowstorm”.

G-Man Taco

“The mattress I’m sleeping on this weekat the rental house here at West Point Lake is so caved in, that last night I had a dream I turned into a soft taco.”

G-Man is Beat Down

“I’m beat down like a man who’s been pickin’ tin cans out of a highway bar ditch in the hot Texas sun.”

Swindle’s Gettin’ Cold

“When that cold front hit Alabama last week, my fingers were so cold it felt like I had put them up a penguin’s butt.”