Ok Club Contacts

Here is the date of the contacts meeting. July 20th 2008.

This meeting happens once a year for all the club contacts to come and voice there option, thoughts and if any complaints. Last year it was in November, it seemed that it was too late in the year for things that can up in the meeting.

This year we have a lot to cover. I would like to start at 9am and go until 2pm.
If we need to go longer we will. But I will try very hard not to discuss the same subject over and over.

I am working out the ins and outs now where and what we will be eating.

It will not be in South Hill, it will be in the southern Chesterfield County Area, which seems to be the closest central aria. I know wise county there is not close area for you all. I am trying to set something up for you all.

I will be issuing a item of things to cover next week, if you have anything you want to cover please, please send me the item and we will add it to the list. There is nothing out of bounds.

So with that said I would hope to see all of you all or some one that reps. your club. Please no more than two from a club.

Please respond ASAP so I can get a count of how many pieces of food I will need to bring.

Region Youth Coordinators,

You are welcome to come, but not required. Please let me know if you are planning to show or if you have any items to add.

It would be nice to see you  there but again not required.

I have checked all the region dates for tourns. And it looks pretty clean.

If you do not have youth clubs in your region I still would like to see you there until if you are thinking to get some started you will see what it takes.

Again this is not a required meeting for you.

Region Directors and State Board:

This is just a FYI. I did not want to do anything to surprise you all.

See who ever that can in July.