Catching bass is definitely an art and with the help of Naked Bait Company you can spice up your jigs and spinnerbaits to catch a lot more bass. It often pays to modify your baits as the conditions change and with the Naked Bait Company Skirt expander you can make the necessary changes to your spinnerbait or jig skirt in a matter of minutes. Sometimes I want my jigs to move more water so I will build a thicker skirt other times I want my jig to have a thinner profile. The Naked Bait Company skirt expander makes customizing my skirts really easy.  Building a skirt with the expander is simple. All you have to do is place a rubber skirt keeper on the center pins. Then you just give the expander a twist to open up the rubber keeper and lock the pins in place. Then you just have to slip your skirting material through the center hole. When you’ve got the skirt thickness and color combination you want you just give the expander a twist back and slide the skirt material out. Then you get to trim the skirt down to to the length that you want it.  In a matter of minutes you can make all your spinnerbait and jig skirts to your specifications.

After you get done building your skirts you need to have a way of organizing them so that you can find the one you need. Naked Bait Company also offers great storage for your skirts! These little boxes keep your skirts in order so you can quickly add another skirt to your favorite jig or spinnerbait. The boxes easily fit into the side pouches of a tackle bag.  It is really nice to be able to find an extra skirt quickly when you need to get your bait back in the water fast!

Bass East Editor
Spencer Clarke