One of the greatest contributions to angling success is the ability to gain confidence in every aspect of the sport.

Confidence is a greatly under looked contributor to angling success. A lot of fishing reports say what kind of bait an angler is using or where they were fishing. But what I think is the major factor in every win is confidence. Whether it’s confidence in your spots or what bait your tossing.

Growing confidence in where you’re fishing takes time on the water but I think it should start at home with your maps. Going to a lake blind effects your confidence simply in that you are lost, clueless or whatever you want to call it. Try and sit down and at least take a look at what you’re up against. Ideally try and find a couple of places on the map that would possibly hold fish before you get to the lake. This will help you gain a bit of confidence even before you hit the water. Once you’re on the water fish the spots you found and try to catch fish. It’s always a boost to catch a few keepers.

Some people think growing confidence is a tough thing to do but it’s really not. Those that think it is hard are the ones that find it most difficult to build. It’s sort of a mind over matter kind of thinking. Having a mind set of “it’s going to be a bad day” or “I bet it’s going to be a tough bite today” are the worst thoughts to run though your head. Keep a positive attitude and keep telling yourself you are going to catch fish. I remember one tournament I was fishing and it might seem kind of silly but, I just keep telling myself one more fish, one more fish over and over. It kept me focused on the task at hand and kept me believing that I was going to catch another fish. I won that tournament and I contribute my success to confidence.

If you would take one thing from my article let it be this, when times get tough keep your hopes high cause it can all change in a split second. Anyone can catch fish but, people that know they are going to catch fish are going to do better and have a better outcome.

Brad Crum